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Discussion in 'Trading' started by wazir, Jan 2, 2002.

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    There are too many investment web-sites: educational, advisory, stock picking, etc., etc. It is difficult to isolate the gems from the garbage. Your input on those sites of which you have knowledge or experience will help those of us who are less knowledgeable about these sites.
    One particular sites I have recently come across is www.AbsoluteDaytrader.com. I wonder if any of you have any knowledge of or experience with this site. If you do please share it with us. Thanks.
  2. Another vendor... don't rely on others for an opinion... take the free trial and see for yourself... 99% of these sorts of sites are BS, fwiw... but if you can get but ONE good idea from the free trial, then the effort expended in signing up for the free trial would have been worth it.
  3. I was recommended www.aitradesystems.com by que and have been following their site since I did what candle said but decided after the trial that it was worth signing up.

    They have an interesting section where they post the technical picture of a stock with breaking news, usually results in a good trade.
  4. I signed up for absolutedaytraders trial, allot of information, maybe a bit too much (confusing) I’ll keep you posted on both of the sites. They often turn out to be a disappointment but we will see.:p
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    Dear WWatson1,

    I think you forgot to post your experience with Absolutetrader.com and aitradersystem.com. Some of us have been eagerly waiting to hear from you. Thanks.
  6. Absolute daytrader did my head in but aitradesystems is worth a look, I posted my membership username and password for you lot to help out a while ago I think it runs out soon though, check it out.:)
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    Anyone with comments on thestreet.com/realmoney.com? The Action Alert Plus premium service provided by J. Cramer?
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    These sites started out as free and informative until they discovered that Fools, or the purely bone idle, or greedy, can easily be parted from their money.

    So now they simply peddle information to the intellectually idle knowing that few would ask the question, "If he/she is so good at picking winning trades why don't they put their own money on the line ."

    I followed cramer et. al. in the days of their free site. No great shakes then, no great shakes now. But an income from Fools certainly makes up for losing trades.

    The genuine traders on this board are forever urging people to beware the dream peddlers: To do their own research and practice. And to read the free information on various sites.

    Now why is it necessary to rate sites? Is it a subtle move to advertise. If not, simply use the search facility on this site which should throw up a variety of imformation sources.

  10. I follow a few sites Toby not so they can tell me exactly what to do but instead to help me select I few decent chart pattern set-ups and along the way.

    I think it is fine to pay a few dollars a month but it starts getting stupid when sites start charging 100-800 just for an opinion.:)
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