Rate Obamas speech in Tucson.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, Jan 12, 2011.

Obamas speech was a......

  1. A+, he nailed it. Evewrything he said is true.

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  2. A, he said most of the things which needed to be said, he hit on 99% of topics

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  3. B He articulated most things but missed on a few

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  4. C He failed to articulate alot of strong points.

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  5. D He missed on everything and he is a horses ass.

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  1. Hello


    I will give his speech an A, the only thing he could have added which would have warranted an A+ in my eyes would have been him chastising the left wing media.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I honestly think that someone hacked your account.

    Since when did you start supporting Obama?
  3. A

    An A+ would be FDR's speech after Pearl Harbor , one of Lincolns speeches during the civil war or one of Reagan's great speeches like space shuttle tragedy imo
  4. Hello


    I started supporting Obama when his ideas were CORRECT,....... In my eyes........ He made a good speech and i support him for it.

    I could care less about right wing or left wing i only support ideas which are correct in my own view, once you ditch the label you will be far better off in my opinion......
  5. Hello


    Dammit!!! you outed me, and here i thought i was getting away with the fact that im a full blooded red commie.

    Red party baby!!!!

  6. pspr


    HORSE'S ASS! He was a horse's ass when he worked for a community organizer and he is still a horse's ass. Want proof? Just ask Michelle to turn around.
  7. Ricter


    Excellent view.
  8. pspr


    That's when you should have been smart enough to look into his background and discover that was not who he is and any good he was talking were lies and bull shit.

  9. Hello


    Believe me, im on the same page as you, i hate obama, based on what he has done to this point, but im not going to shoot the messenger. He delivered a good speech and i give him credit for it.
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