Rate my portfolio - What should I do and change?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Sikhinvestor, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. MASI 50 shares @ 31 dollars -

    Trading a 31

    Ebay 82 shares @ 28 dollars

    Trading at 15

    YRI 100 shares @ 13 dollasr
    Trading at 11

    SLW 75 shares @ 15 dollars
    Trading at 5

    URE 250 shares @ 3.86
    Trading at 3.40

    This is one of my portfolios, so I can buy a decent car (looking at a convertible). I am down about 30% from the initial onset of about $10,000. Currently a 7000 or so, and its gone up quite dramatically since the current bull market. The whole

    If anyone has any suggestions, should I just only buy etfs indexes.

  2. lpchad


    Time frame?
  3. Get out of URE and find a REIT mutual fund. EBAY's a dog, buy amazon. I have no known symbol for YRI. Dump MAsino at 58 times earnings and a peg of 2.78, that's too rich. You've gotten a gift of an exit, and I'd take it. And SLW used to be Wheaton, but goldcorp bought it's highest yeilding and proved and probable gold reserve, so this is not the best pick for silver. If you're trying to play that space go with the silver ishare.

    Full disclosure, I own none of these securities.

    Ex post: Didn't know AMZN had come up so much. It's a bit rich, but EBAY has no real growth prospects.
  4. Stop investing.
  5. Is this just the equities portion or the whole thing? I'd want to have my nest egg in more than just one asset class.
  6. Set a % stoploss for each position. I would use 10% maximum or 5% if you're less convinced. This is for longerterm portfolios.
    Some use % of total liquid net worth, or % of portfolio.