Rate my amateur analysis; UK.

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    First post.....

    I am reasonably new to the whole trading thing, 3 months worth of reading, bits of paper trading and about the last 2 months of money trading has left me.... 12 pounds up after learning many lessons the hard way and working my way back!

    I am trading the FTSE and its stocks, and would appreciate any input on my reads.

    Main FTSE trend:

    Descending triangle anyone? From what I understand this is a bullish pattern, and worth watching out for a significant close above line?


    Now in particular I am looking to go long on a number of mining stocks.
    From diagrams below, this a good idea?
    The technicals are very much pointing towards reversals, or a bottoming at the least.

    My general thoughts are pretty much that all this mass spending comes in, it must boost demand for commidities and the metals through the new year?

    Strength from Antofasgasto:

    Double bottom for billiton? Note also the (slight) macd divergence.


    So, in mind of this my main questions are:
    Given current situations is it unwise to buy in based solely on technicals? The markets seem very vunerable to bad news from whatever sector.