rate cuts???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Aug 3, 2007.

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    How come all of the sudden talks of rate cuts are starting to pop up. Is this the only catalyst the market has going for them right now. Some are actually talking about a surprise rate cut next week. I think a surprise rate cut could easily send the markets up 3% in a few days, however in the long run it wouldn't be the smartest as inflation is still worrisome.

  2. Don't forget about what a rate cut would do for the value of the dollar... A rate cut is a bad, bad move.
  3. It won't happen anyway ...
  4. It won't happen. They should move rates up IMHO but FED won't do anything. The dollar is too weak and need a boost anyways.

    This lenders dug their own hole and shit their own bed and have to clean it up themselves.

    Now that rumor of a cut will drive the market up Monday. If they do cut even a .25 move, that would send the DOW up 300-400 points easily.

    You know what, I wouldn't be surprised if they do cut. The bulls have been in control too long. F'n media just loves it.