rate cut???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gastropod, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Gee, now that the dollar has been propped up, the price of commodities driven down and the economy still hurting...what are the possibilities of a rate cut? Yes, I know that is contrary to what people are thinking...just asking the "unthinkable" :D Oh, yes, I do understand the percentages driven out there on the futures markets. Mine is more a question of what people here are thinking.
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    At this point nothing is out of the realm of possibility where these Washington and Walls Street brigands are concerned. Still looking for 1300 min ES, maybe as much as 1370.
  3. 98.5% chance the fed funds rate stays the same
  4. 50 basis point cut. Yeah!
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    Would Europe have a reaction? Would they be tipped off right now?

    I read a few of Bernake writings, It would blow me away if he raised. I think his eyes are focused on jobs at this point. Just a noob's opinion.
  6. What would Europe's reaction be? I think shock, but what could they do? Looking at yesterday's action and comparing it to the action on previous days....why didn't the price of oil dropping have the effect of propping the market? What was behind that? If you hear the pundits (cramer, etc.) from a few days ago...the market ROSE, when the price of oil dropped, but not 8/04/08????? Me thinks me smells a rat - a rate cut - but, I could like MANY other times be wrong :D