Rate cut needed

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by eric2802000, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Dollar is way up, oil is down.

    Rate cut needed to lower rates to cause a refi boom, and give them more money to buy stupid shit
  2. agree, FED rate should be cut to 1.00%
  3. 1.00%!! hahaha...thatll drop the dollar too much and oil will go through the roof. I say .25. we need to keep those peckerhead taxpayers spending all the money they get their hands on at Home Depot and Mc Donalds
  4. ok how about down to 0.25%, just kidding, but .25 won't do nothing they have to cut by at least half a percent
  5. I know .25 wont do much, but cutting it by .50 might make people think we really needed it then they will freak and sell. a .25 drop would cause a nice short covering rally and hopefully bring some people in the market. But I agree with you, we need an effect equal to a .50 cut
  6. what they need to do, is leave it alone

    their credibility is hanging by a thread