Rastafari: Hair is Really Antennae Which Can Receive and Transmit Energy!

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  1. I'm sure this is going to be one of the most bizzare articles for you white american patriots :D


    Hair is the receiver and transmitter of divine emanation _it makes you receptive to spiritual forces. Saints and sages instinctively let their hair grow. Rastafarians regard dredlocks as a quality of Black people: they regard dredlocks as "high-tension wires" which transmits divine energy and inspiration from Jah (God) the creator, to Rasta, the mirror. Within our body which is the temple of God, our head, the "holy of holies," is the highest point, while our hair, its natural crown, is like the spire of a church, our vertical connection with God. Representing our strength, it forms an antenna through which the SPIRitual force may descend. SPIRitual force, rather than "descend," will SPIRal through SPIRaling hair. Since Nature does nothing without a reason, what is the purpose and effect of spiral-hair?
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  3. Yeah, exactly.
    With white hair and skin, you'll have hard time to got high :D
    Well, at least without LSD or DMT.
    cool video, thanks!
  4. Why do you think Delilah cut Samson's hair? Silly.