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  1. No. These little ARM processors like the RPi and BeagleBone simply don't have the CPU/RAM to run even small Java applications. The IP TWS is a very large memory-intensive Java application.
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    "Behind the scenes, the Magic Mirror is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 running a Hosted Web App on Windows 10 IoT Core, making it more or less a consumer-level project – assuming that consumer has a little technical know-how.

    . . . design uses an LCD display behind a plane of one-way mirrored glass. In this way, someone can see their reflection as well as the underlying display thanks to a stark, white-on-black contrast ratio and neat typeface."
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    Dis heah Raspberry Pi is now the best selling British computer in history. It sailed past the Amstrad and Sinclair's ZX Spectrum some years ago, helped by the launch of an even more minimalist model the Pi Zero.

    What is extraordinary is just how successful it has become in industry, where it's finding a place in all sorts of applications, from robotics to smart signage systems. This area now accounts for nearly half of all Raspberry Pi sales.

    Raspberry Pi scores UK's top engineering award

    Google brings AI to Raspberry Pi
    Raspberry Pi breaks UK computer record
    Outstanding Micro Bit projects

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Thanks for posting the link to this article. Since the Pi was invented in the UK, not surprising it is so popular there and receiving awards. It's probably a point of national pride within their computer & scientific community.

    I'll bet there are more Arduino's sold than Pi's, but I believe the Arduino is defined as a microcontroller, not a computer.
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    Unless it can leak oil like Jaguar cars, it cannot be a genuine British item...
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    Must have at least enough grunt to run a spreadsheet.
    Or access to the world's financial markets. So making zillions from your hammock swinging in the breeze in the middle of Africa.
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