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    Has anyone built anything using a linux-based Raspberry Pi? All the project ideas I've seen written up are not very practical. Most of the things people are building as a kit project can be purchased brand new for a comparable price (motion alerts, etc). I'd like to get some hands-on experience with one just to satisfy my curiosity, but still looking for something useful to do with it.
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    I would like to have my laptop (used as desktop on external monitor) at least 32 CPU cores... ;-) really!
    Currently it has only 4x2500 MHz
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    Raspi would have much more success if the damn thing only had 2+ NICs built in,
    for such useful projects like personal router/firewall/proxy etc...
    The engineers of it can't think further, they are slaves of the multimedia, graphics and games commerce cr*p...
  4. Raspberry Pi does all of its USB and network communications over a single USB 2.0 link. Which means all of the USB ports and the 100Mbit Ethernet interface are forced to share a single, half-duplex 480MBit USB link over a hub.

    The Raspberry Pi is not meant to be a be all end all answer to problems. It is meant to be approachable, low cost hobbyist machine. Why people demand that it has 2+ NIC, ton of RAM, a very powerful processor, AND sell for $25 is beyond me. Hell, they have one selling for 5 bucks. So you can have 20 devices at your home. And never think about the cost.
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    I finally found an RPi project idea that is both practical and more cost effective than buying a comparable commercial product. It's an internet bandwidth monitor that logs your speed every n hour(s) for periodic review. This project is documented in the link below and I have a couple mods in mind. I just ordered my Pi and a bunch of accessories and I'm looking forward to receiving this microcomputer for kids of all ages.


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    Looks like an ideal father/son project!

    These DIY Raspberry Pi projects are a great distraction when it's raining outside and you're stuck in the house and have gotten bored with your GPS-guided laser drone prototype.
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    Can Interactive Brokers Linux version of TWS run on a Pi?
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