Rasmussen: Voters Give GOP 10-Point Edge Over Democrats On Economy!!!

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    I like the cherry I picked better:

    "According to a Wall Street Journal poll, the public supports Obama's grand bargain by a 22% margin. ABC News and The Washington Post reported that 77% believed that the GOP has not done enough to compromise on the deficit, compared with 58% saying the same about Obama. According to CBS News, 71% of those surveyed were unhappy with how the Republicans were handling the negotiations, compared with a 48% disapproval rate for Obama.

    Many Senate Republicans, particularly those who were around in the Clinton years, sense the political danger.

    Sen. John McCain told Politico, referring to the House Republicans, "I believe that they're convinced that they're carrying out the mandate (of the 2010 election). The polling data indicates Americans don't want the government shut down. ... I hope (House Republicans) would be instructed by what happened in 1995."
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    So? I don't see how Republicans or Democrats have anything to do with improving the economy or the country.
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    It amazes me that anyone not on the government dole is a democrat. I guess there are a lot of people who don't know how to add, too.
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    Mental disorder?
  6. To be a Democrat = You must be greedy and a parasite... and if you're Democrat politician, you must also be a LIAR WITHOUT CONSCIENCE... and none of that bothers you one bit.

    The Founding Fathers would spit on you!

  7. Very true. They're only good at one thing: reelection.

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    Polls, jeez, all the participants get their info from the heavily leftist MSM...

    I'm looking at Drudge today and the headline is "Harry Reid Caves"... the Democrat's bullshit about the "emergency" nature of it all piqued some interest but wtf, the "emergency" has been brewing for decades and will likely continue to brew unless we get the balanced budget amendment. We had a balanced budget amendment or law or something in the Reagan administration's time and a couple of Democrat Senators took it to the Supreme Court and got it thrown out... We have these trashy "win by any means" people that are continually using the Court system to trash the will of the people.. They have to use the Courts like that, if they actually told people what they stand for and what their agenda is they couldn't get the dogcatcher job... I'd love to see a "loser pays" policy enacted at nearly every level. The ACLU would stop being the bullies that they are and at a lower level a lot of cranks that bring a lot of suits would be broke...
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    Too bad for you a majority of Americans (and the planet, apparently) get their news from the MSM, and appear to be satisfied with it.

    As the debt ceiling debate drags on, a new CNN/ORC International Poll reveals a growing public exasperation and demand for compromise. Sixty-four percent of respondents to a July 18-20 survey preferred a deal with a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. Only 34% preferred a debt reduction plan based solely on spending reductions.
  10. Majority of the planet don't go running around with guns shooting or blowing up federal buildings.
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