Rasmussen poll: Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

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  1. http://www.rasmussenreports.com/pub...012/election_2012_barack_obama_42_ron_paul_41

    Pit maverick Republican Congressman Ron Paul against President Obama in a hypothetical 2012 election match-up, and the race is – virtually dead even.

    Political March Madness: The Victor
    It's over. Ron Paul has taken the popular vote with a 13-point victory over Jim DeMint. Ken Rudin's picks were totally different. He gave the top spot to Mitt Romney, who defeated Mike Huckabee in the final round. Check out the final brackets below and compare notes over at Political Junkie. Thanks for participating; in the last round, you cast 963,719 votes.

  2. Ron Paul is basically the only shot the country has at remaining solvent. None of the other weak candidates in the GOP can win at this point, so its basically a matter of whether or not Republicans will get behind him. He is one of less than a dozen politicians in the U.S. who actually stands behind his principles, and he is the only one i can see who will honestly attack the deficit. We can only hope the GOP gets behind him at this point. If he can win the primary, he has a very realistic shot at beating Obama.
  3. Ron Paul wins just about every private poll, and independent poll. The problem is that the primaries are controlled by special interests and nepotism, and he's not in their little circle jerk. If there's a widespread effort to get people to register republican and vote in the primaries, and call for some sort of vote auditing, that's the only way.