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  1. Stock Trading Log.. Hopefully to continue from around July 2008 at old thread..

    http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=115745 tactics the same hopefully with less micro-managing and impatience.

    Elite name changed as I am now further from retirement.. :D

    Considering market overview focusing on good short setups and only Incredible long setups.. A lot of H&S topping patterns, especially financials so it "looks" like they are "leading" as always.

    DTG and BKD nice looking shorts. REXX also but commodities not exactly weak now.
  2. BKD
  3. Schaefer


    Now that's an honest joke :D

    Good luck R,

  4. Long YGE 14.69.. Solars very varied.. Some extremely strong (TSL, CSIQ, YGE...), some very weak (FSLR, STP, SOL..).. May buy AMR if new highs today..
  5. Short BKD 15.36
    Long ROSE 16.44
  6. Stopped out BKD -1
  7. Sold YGE 15 even small gain.. More of an incorrect exit using markets rather than YGE itself. ROSE still rising..:) This swing getting old though so stop up to 16.65

    Overall small stocks quite bubbly... Those that looked like good shorts completely reversed.. Goes to show better to stay with the prevailing trend with much better pickings.. Looking to get long any of these..

    HTCH, SANM (can a chart look any better??), MAS, MIC, VVTV, TRW all very close to declining base breakouts.. VERY volatile but profits to the brave..
  8. Sloppy trading Rashid... so why didn't you set the AMR trigger?? has gained 27% since..

    UAUA, CAL, LCC, AMR THE most powerful sector last 5 days..
  9. Get in DRYS , something is cooking , and just got upgraded few
    day ago.
  10. DRYS.. we go back a looong way... Building symmetrically nicely with declining volatility.. So yes it is "brewing" to do something.. needs to close 7.5 or so for long trade.. The shippers not exactly leading right now.
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