Rascist Class Warfare

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  1. If the republicans did to Obama as a black man
    what the democrats are doing to Romney as a rich man
    we'd all be sick to our stomaches

    this call for the tax returns reminds of the call for the birth certificate

    it only appeals to the ignorant

    everyone knows why you keep money outside the US

    and everyone knows if Obama was born in Kenya they would have goten him long ago

    the point is, we've all progressed to the point where it is ok to be black

    but there are still many regressive people out there that have not accepted that it is ok to be rich

    personally, I don't like either label
  2. for an oldtimer that was pretty lame.
  3. thank you for that reply, now I see the error of my ways. Sorry for the lame post, I agree with you, and I owe it all to reading your enlightening post.

    you truly are a free thinker
  4. surely you can do better. maybe something about obamas secret bank account in kenya.
  5. Republicans also asked for his tax returns

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/X8hME81uaAg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Romneys father said a presidential candidate should release multiple years of tax returns
  6. whatever, it's just a witch hunt like the birther witch hunt was

    my point was people can accept a black man, but they can't accept a rich man

    It would be different if a majority of people were rich, but apparently the rich are the last minority we can still feel good about discriminating against.

    otherwise, I'm outta here. I see all you guys want to hear is things that make your candidate look good.

    as for me, I hope they both lose.
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    It does seem a waste of time to argue philosophy with a truck driver doesn't it? :D

    The teenaged barrista at the local Starbucks is likely more "enlightened" than FT on every level.

    It is troubling to see how the press and the Obama regime is demonizing the rich. It used to be considered an attribute of the United States that there was the opportunity to achieve wealth given some hard work and education. The slacker-generation has created the idea that sitting around collecting welfare and smoking pot is cool and that anyone making money is the enemy.

    My personal response to this trend has been to completely eliminate my charitable contributions and to instead direct those funds to political organizations that attempt to honor our constitution. I'm not talking about big money but it is representative of what is happening on a large scale across the country evidenced by Romney raising $106M during the same period that Obama raised ~$70M.

  8. Democrats have no problems with rich Presidents,2 of our favorites were very rich (JFK and FDR)

    Bill Clinton is probably worth around 100 million and Dems would vote for him again if we could
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    Clinton made at least 50 million of that money doing paid speaking engagements after his term of office.
  10. I know.I and most dems have no problems voting for a rich man to be president
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