Rare Marketsurfer Stock Pick--SHORT

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  1. SHORT CROX---@48.

    this company is built on an unsustainable fad of plastic shoes. its time to SHORT. Looking for < 20.

  2. Surf, how did that come up on your radar?

    On paper it looks pretty strong;

    - Latest Qtr EPS up 120%
    - Current year EPS forecasts of up 93%
    - 08 EPS forecasts up another 27%
    - Forward P/E 24
    - Return on Equity 45%
    - Cash 47M
    - Debt 837k
    - Insider's hold 13% of outstanding
    - 52 week share price performance of 80%

    You either know something we don't or have really looked under the hood of this company to be confident shorting this thing, which one is it?

  3. Surf, From what I see in person, I think the fad is still going up.
  4. Oh goofness ! If this is the way you trade the short side smurf, I see I was very justified in ridiculing your short trading. You are a LOSER ! Not even a stop loss figure along w this prediction ? L-O-S-E-R !

    Yeah, you and the 50% short interest are in such a minority, how could you be wrong ?
    Please tell us your stop loss, b/c I promise it will hit your stop loss target first and knock you out.

    Why do morons like marketsmurf and timmay think shorting stocks is easy ?
    Didn't smurfer learn anything watching the DJIA climb 400+ points during his "death spiral" prediction ?

    54% short interest!

    The shorts are usually right... but they'lll have to go through serious pain.

    Why not wait until the stock is in a downtrend and then short? Perhaps you'll get an opportunity to short it significantly higher.

    Until then, it seems like the easiest money is in squeezing everyone.
  6. thanks for the replies.

    stop is 55.34, maintaining shorts here. expecting death spiral to begin sometime prior to stop being taken out--- . this is classic, holding.

  7. I might not short but buy some long term OTM puts. In Mexico and other countries they are making imitation Crocs at 1/3 the price since the Crox shoes are nothing unique or patentable. It is not like people will not settle for imitation Crocs they way imitation Louis Vuitton purses dont make a dent. People just want the comfort of the shoes and will gladly pay less for it.

    They are easy to copy and knock off legally and the fad will die out as these cheaper versions hit the market and do not cost $30 - $40. Shoes are a fad (Uggs, LA Gear) and will fade as the cheaper brands come to the market.
  8. ElCubano


    nordstrom has them for 14.90 on sale as we speak...


  9. great points. LAgear was my first stock trade ever.....

    these guys model is unsustainable, and the stock way overvalued-- holding shorts here.

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