rare marketsurfer stock pick--- part 2

Discussion in 'Journals' started by marketsurfer, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. we are long SIRI 2.25. fat position into the new year.

    longer tem hold.


    surfer :) :) :D
  2. Ok, I'll take a bite. Been meaning to do some research on SIRI XMSR for some time now.

    Haven't gotten my arms around this business yet but, I'll take a nibble and use that as motivation to do some real digging.
  3. I hear there will be a price increase for the surfer's report in 04'? :p
  4. HoCk


    anyone know what the heck happened to SIRI on Wednesday...up 20 cents on news they are putting their product into BMW?? Couldn't stop shorting it, owch anyone take 100G's long at 2.25?

  5. yes, thank you.

    url] (edit)

  6. we are holding SIRI long here.


  7. marketsurfer (Dec 26, 2003 11:15:27 AM)
    hello, the marketsurfer is holding SIRI long at this time

    "the" marketsurfer? "We" are holding?

    Even "The Donald" Trump never called himself "The Donald."

    I think "the marketsurfer" needs to take his "we" and all of them together need to see a psychiatrist.


  8. LOL, rouge. yes, the donald has refered to himself in this manner. "the marketsurfer" was purely for your entertainment. please don't worry !

    surfer :)
  9. DAve...

    You are WAY to nice this guy has NO idea who's chops he's bustin...keep calling em I know your the real deal...take care and I'll be calling you toward the end of this week. I got delayed last week when I told you I would call..sorry..

    Take care surf...you DA MAN...


  10. thanks, man.

    #10     Dec 26, 2003