Rare-earth element stocks WOW!

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    these stocks sure are flying high

    REE, MCP

    Is this Rare Earth stuff for real or just a pump and dump?
  2. Reminds me of the 1970's when price values of metals, rare earths and semiconductors such as gemanium were increasing.

    I interpret weekly silver and gold futures price graphs as upward trends, perhaps other metals price values are also increasing.

    The price values of TIE Titanium Metals Corp (NYSE) appear to me to be in a long term upward trend also.
  3. After I read this I decided to buy REE last friday. Paid $7.28 for it and sold it yesterday for $8.34. I was pretty surprised at how fast that stock moves. It looks positioned to go higher in the next week or so, but I really do not like being in stocks like this that have 5-10% swings in price everyday. I only like to hold stocks long term (a few months or more) and only stocks that are actually making money. Not stocks like these that "plan" to make money in 2015 sometime. But it was fun for a few days.
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    been long since aug 30, scaled out half in the 7s.
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    up 25% today.
  6. I saw that. Wouldnt ya know...as soon as i sell, it would go up 25% in 1 day.
  7. hot potato
  8. Sometimes the hardest part of analysis is not performing the calculations but believing the results. Find a graph of projected rare earth demand vs supply for the next 5 years and perform simple addition and subtraction. You can even ignore the fact that, if China keeps playing chicken with these minerals, a separate graph for supply and demand excluding China would be even more skewed.
  9. And then another 19% the next day. :(
  10. From the novel Dune: "Fear is the mindkiller". Or, in this case, the profit killer.
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