Rare Bob Rowshan stock pick--short CROX

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Bob Rowshan, Sep 30, 2007.

Is CROX a good short @ $67.25 ?

  1. Yes, it's going lower, will see 60 before 75

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  2. No, it's going higher, will see 75 before 60

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  1. I made 16 points going long CROX, much of the idea thanks to marketsurfer. In only 2 months, I made +33% on this pick! I sold out at $63.10, and am now convinced CROX has washed out most of the weak handed shorts. With this said, I now beleive CROX is a short.

    I shorted CROX @ $67.25. I don't know when i'll cover, I want to see how it goes. But I will definitely time stamp when I cover on ET, win or lose.

    Any opinions would be appreciated!

  2. Bffft better review your charts. Crox broke out of an ascending base. Now is the time to go long.
  3. Now is the time to go long? Looking at the chart, the time to go long was 6 months ago when the stock was $20-$25. You probably said the same thing at nasdaq 5000.
  4. lol wrong again. Thats like saying not to buy Aol in 1997 cause it already went up a lot since 1992.
  5. empee


    haha, bob rowshan fades marketsurfer who is now being faded by damnit,

    so damnit == synthetic marketsurfer!
  6. Bob, you are aware that "Surf" got his head handed to him on this short trade ?
    Shorting CROX has been like trying to short GOOG for the past year.
    Till possibly now.
  7. Very aware. I rode CROX the entire way up because I knew that surfer didn't understand shorting.

    Short interest has now plummeted, so maybe now is a better time. We'll see:)
  8. Shorting is much different....
    it requires so much more DISCIPLINE....
    and short positions are typically so much shorter in time-frame than long positions.
  9. Excellent post! I totally agree.

    To be a successful short seller, you must be disciplined in your entries and exits and able to see the trade to fruition over a short time period. Short sellers who hold shorts for long periods of time usually lose.
  10. The results of this poll would tend to indicate that I have the right idea.
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