RARE 1st edition ben graham's classic!!

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  1. FOR SALE:

    Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham--- super rare first edition 1934 excellent shape

    bidding starts at $2500.00

    good luck!

  2. Are you having a liquidity crunch or something? You're selling everything but the kitchen sink.
  3. Choad


  4. Which printing is it?

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  6. LOL! not at all. my interest is waning --time to sell out and get a new obsession!

  7. OK...good luck. :)
  8. Same edition is on sale at Ebay for prices ranging from $1,200 to $1,700.

    Although one could make the case that "this" particular book would be worth a premium. After all it is owned by a person who is quite possibly the only cross-dressing transvestite fantasy fund manager we know of. :p

    Good luck with that sale "BunnyPink".

  9. omniscient

    omniscient Guest

    should i assume that the premium for this book is not for the content as much as it is for the physical characteristics of the book itself? in other words, though the material in surfer's book may be the same as in the book here:


    it's the vintage, historic value that separates the two, correct?

    just curious, because i have seen people looking for stuff like Crabel's text but it always seemed it was the actual content they were after.

    no biggie, just wondering ...

    btw, good luck surfer, i hope you find a buyer and that things go well for you ... in this or any other endeavor.

    take care :)

  10. thanks omni, yes, some people collect this stuff for its antique value not the info inside. this book, i think, costs about $40.00 in the latest edition. several et members have asked where i got the book--- i bought a house in 1995 and it was in the attic/crawlspace--- (california contempory)

    recd offer of 1750.00

    bidding still open.

    #10     Jun 21, 2006