'Rapture': Believers perplexed after prediction fails

Discussion in 'Politics' started by shortie, May 22, 2011.

  1. 'Rapture': Believers perplexed after prediction fails
    BBC News

    No Sh*t!
    Get a freaking brain!
  2. i heard harold camping was offered a job on cnbc. bad calls are no big deal there.
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    Actually, shortie, few if any were perplexed;
    since 'no one knows the day or hour'' [Bible quote/unquote:D ]

    I did tell a gentleman in Church;
    did wonder about ...''88 Reasons Why Jesus Comes in 1988'' book

    However since '88 has past;
    that settles that:D

    Not quite so funny, the Bible infallable/inerrant prophesy [incapable of error];
    mega earthquakes will increase[uptrend] like birth pains[increase in intensity & frequency]:cool:

    Not quite so funny a gov website doesnt know [or care];
    what an mega earthquake uptrend is. cool: Google is a bit more helpful, say on 7 or more richter scale:cool:
  4. Few people are likely to promote the fact that they supported an idea that has since been proven false.

    How many brokers do you know that play up the fact that they enthusiastically bought and sold CDSs without knowing that they were unsustainable?
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    I see your points jl;
    also admitted wondering about the book''88 Reasons Why Jesus comes in 1988'' Simply because ''no one knows the day or hour''.

    Agree you seldom see a church ad based on a admitted idea proven false. But having attended Bible believing churches for many years; What I told the gentleman next to me Sunday,follows.

    He said those people in that church probably feel real bad;
    told him ,probably, now they know for sure he[89 year old preacher] is not a Pope[who claims infallibility].Most Christian adults know the difference between ''extra Biblical revelation'' & the infallable Bible. Not that all in Church are Christians..............................................................

    Dont see many 89 year old brokers or preachers;
    dont see many doing same mistake in 1994,
    same mistake May 2011. CBN news just reported he predicting same ,Oct 21,2011