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    Raptor Trading System

    - Has had an average compounded annual return of 105.9% for over 10 years (from 1/3/1995 through 12/1/2005).

    - Has been profitable for 83% of all months during this time period

    - Has had double-digit gains in more than 25% of all months.
    Has shown double- or triple-digit returns every year.

    - Better than 3 out of every 4 trades have been profitable since 1995.

    - Offers you aggressive momentum signals almost daily in a broad universe of stocks that from widely traded names to lesser known large movers among the mid-cap and small-cap stocks.

    For more info click here:
  2. Is it absolutely essential that I remain awake while trading this system?
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    Dang why didn't I know about this then! My $10,000 would be 13 mil now! OWWW! How did I miss this opportunity! This has got to be the richest person ever! I would have kept adding to my intial investments as well as compounding! Why, I'd be a trillionaire! Damn I'm gonna go jump off a building, I blew it!:eek: :D
  4. And all this for just under 5 Grand. That dude is the world's greatest philanthropist ! :p
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    Guys, the system is not something I developed. It's from TradingMarkets and the price of $5K is their price. I'm selling it for best offer.

    As for the performance, it is what they say it is. TradingMarkets claims are accurate.
  6. Bwhahahahahahehehehahahahehohohohoho:D

    yea haha, good jokes guys, good jokes (that's including the first post).
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    I see the spammer is going the multiple thread route. On a lighter note...I jumped off the building , but I had on my anti gravity suit and just floated. I'll trade you my antigravity suit for your system!?
  8. Why would you sell something that is preforming so well?
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    Since I purchased the system, I have had a medical issue that is taking both my time and my money to fight. Unfortunately, it's leaving me without the capital needed to trade the system.
  10. Time? The website you hyperlinked says it requires only about 5 minutes a day. And as for the money you need, surely trading the "agressive version" will rid you of your financial constraints. After all, in simulated trading, the system grew $100,000 into over $270 Million. So why not hunker down and make a few monster trades and be done with your financial worries? Hypothetically speaking.
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