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  1. Has anyone purchased Raptor-10 who has finished learning the strategy and wishes to sell/share/trade?
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    I'm also interested
  3. if anyboy have it let me know.
    also looking for the alvarez factor.

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    me too and especially the question whether it is worth the money
  5. Anyone care to post a link to Raptor-10 info?
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    I'm interested as well. If anyone wants to collaborate on learning the Raptor-10 system, please Private Message me.
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    I don't understand. Why are you telling anyone to Private Message you?..especially since that was only your 2nd post ever here..This is a forum, isn't it...to share in?

    But maybe since these post seem like everyone is drooling from the mouth over this "system" I am now wondering after seeing your Private Message you post that this is nothing more than some kind of sales pitch...
  9. You got it right. This is nothing more than spam. Really too bad. Even if I was curious, I would have to pass now that they choose to market the product this way.

    Unfortunately this has become typical of Trading Markets. They used to exercise good judgement in the marketing of products over their, now it is like a used car lot, sleazy salesmen and all.

    I hope no one falls for this pathetic scam.

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    Hey, thanks a lot for posting what you did. I thought the entire posts sounded fishy.
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