Rapist Who Murdered French Woman Lived in Luxury Villa

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  1. If the parents of this man were that wealthy, why didn't he just hire prostitutes? I'm sure his mother would have preferred that scenario over him raping and viciously slaughtering a complete stranger. The victim was Jewish too, which increases the likelihood of it being a hate crime. And how stupid do you have to be to kill someone in a rural area less than half a mile from your home?

    A 'well-educated, pleasant loner': British man, 32, arrested in France for sexual assault and brutal murder of mother-of-three
    29 January 2013
    Crime Scene: The suspect, named as Robert Plant, 32, originally from Chatham, Kent, has been detained for questioning. He lived with his mother in a luxury villa close to the scene of attack

    A British man has been arrested in France following the brutal murder of a mother-of-three who was out jogging.

    The 32-year-old man, named as Robert Plant, lives just a few hundred yards from the scene of last Thursday’s attack on the outskirt of Nimes. He is originally from Chatham in Kent.

    Police launched a manhunt in the popular tourist town after the semi-clothed body of 34-year-old Joudia Zimmat was found in scrubland. She had been sexually assaulted, stabbed and beaten, officers said.

    Teachers at her children’s school raised the alarm after she failed to turn up to pick them up at the end of lessons.

    The victim was mother to three young children; aged three, six and nine.

    Ms Zimmat was discovered by a sniffer dog lying beside a lane popular with joggers in Courbessac. She appeared to have been badly beaten, and had suffered blows to the face and neck.

    A post-mortem examination revealed that she also suffered knife wounds in the attack.

    A craft knife and two stones coated in blood found close to where her body was discovered are believed to have been used by the murderer.

    One police officer said: 'She had been cut and beaten with rocks. Her throat had been slit and her face was unrecognisable. She had been slaughtered.'

    ‘The woman was attacked and then murdered in cold blood,’ said another Nimes police source.

    The source added that Ms Zimmat, who was from a Tunisian immigrant background, had been sexually assaulted.

    Her clothes had been torn from her body, but she had not been raped, a police spokesman said.

    Ms Zimmat regularly went running on jogging paths in Courbessac, a quiet suburb of Nimes, which is famous for its Roman remains including an amphitheatre.

    The suspect, who lives with his mother, has hand injuries ‘consistent with bramble scratches’ and the victim’s body was found ‘in a thicket of brambles’, the source added.

    His clothes are also said to have been covered in blood.

    The French police would only name the murder suspect as Robert, confirming that he had worked in a local factory building mobile homes, but was currently unemployed.

    He has been described by locals as a 'well educated, very pleasant loner' who 'never had a bad word for anyone'.

    The arrested man was seen drinking at a local Italian bar and restaurant the day after the attack.

    Khadra, a waitress at La Tosca, told Le Figaro: 'He came in on Friday. It was weird. He regularly came here to drink pints. It's been years since we first met. He comes several times a week.

    'He speaks French very well but with a strong accent. On Friday it was weird because he had injuries on his forehead and his hands. We asked him what had happened, and he said: "It's the thorns that scratched me when I went to get the dog who had fallen into a hole".

    Another acquaintance, a former Foreign legionnaire called Andy from Scotland, said: 'He was a loner. He was very well educated. We're not from the same type of background but he often came her for a drink. He's very pleasant.'

    Plant was arrested by judicial police officers from the southern city of Montpellier, and is alleged to have left evidence at the scene of the crime, said Nimes prosecutor Stephane Bertrand. This is believed to include traces of DNA.

    'The woman was attacked and then murdered in cold blood'

    Today police conducted a search of the luxury villa where the suspect has been living with his mother, and he was present.

    The man has been staying there after recently moving to the south of France from the UK. One neighbour described him as a 'tall, clean-cut, pleasant young man who was often strolling around with his pet dog'.

    He wore handcuffs and a khaki jacket, and concealed his face from photographers. A neighbour of the arrested man said he was a ‘very nice, very polite guy’, who was often seen walking his dog in the area.

    He had recently moved to France from Kent, the neighbour added. The victim is the mother of two young girls and a boy, and lived with her boyfriend.

    Local residents described Ms Zimmat as a 'pretty and petite woman', who had recently moved to a house in the area with her family.

    The unnamed suspect is thought to have been living In Nimes for several months.

    Detectives said he bore a strong similarity to an identikit picture of a suspect, drawn last week with the help of an eye-witness who saw a man lurking near the murder scene.

    He also had scratch marks from brambles on his hands and forearms.

    Police said he denied committing the attack but had 'no alibi' and could not explain his movements last Thursday evening.

    According to police sources talking to the France 2 television station, DNA has been found on the arrested man which corresponds to that Joudia Zimmat.

    There are also unconfirmed reports that the unnamed suspect has confessed to the killing.

    He is being held in custody in the city on suspicion of murder.

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