RapidMiner - Any experience with this?

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  1. Hi all,

    Anyone have any experience with this particular software?

    Briefly, I'm currently speaking with some programmers to help me on a machine learning project, but considering their rates and pricing, I was wondering if I might as well go with RapidMiner or something similar.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. ET180


    I used RapidMiner about a decade ago. I thought it was pretty good, but not sure you need all the ML algorithms that it has. My take on optimization is that it tends to lead to curve fitting -- a system that does really great on past data, but not so great on new data. Through cross-validation and other methods, there are ways to guard against that. Anyhow, I think RapidMiner is a good place to start. You can always develop something more complicated / customized later if needed.
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  3. fan27


    What are you trying to accomplish with your ML project? I might be able to help. RapidMiner seems interesting but it looks like it limits processing based on your license. The solution I offer has no such limitations. Might be a good fit for you....maybe not. Whatever the case...good luck on the project!
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  4. Hi,

    Interesting. What did you use it on/for?

    Learning curve?

    Thanks. :)
  5. Without going into too much detail, let's just say that I have sets of data that I'd like to explore further and I've been curious if ML could be helpful. Just something I'm interested in exploring at this point.
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  6. fan27


    Sounds good. Whatever solution you go with, make sure it there will be a high probability of success before shelling out any money.
  7. Well, that's always hard to know in advance even though RapidMiner offers a free trial. Time is the most valuable resource currently. Not in an immediate rush on this.

    You mentioned having a solution...?
  8. userque


    Also consider KNIME.

    I've tried both years ago.

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  9. ET180


    It was pretty easy to pick up if you have some basic knowledge of the ML algorithms that you are using. I also used KNIME as well, but I don't recall the difference between the two. I fed in a bunch of technical indicators and tried to predict short-term price direction. It was a misguided project and mostly a waste of time. I think trying to find correlations between different products (S&P vs. oil vs. gold, etc) might be a better use of time, but never tried it.
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    Whatever...just make sure it doesn’t talk or mark up charts for newbies..:)
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