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    I wonder if some ET users bought this kind of material and how much it helped them to improve their skills.
  2. Not looking like there are a lot of takers ...
  3. I found the "ebook" you are talking about by searching Google. It is actually a PDF file that is $49.95 (but $39.95 if you order in the next 10 minutes!)

    Granted, it's not expensive, but I can't imagine there's anything in there you wouldn't find in some of the better threads on this site (TriPack's Gem thread for example: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9722)

    Further, there looks to be this whole reselling thing where you make commissions selling this PDF to others. To me, that reduces its credibility.

    Finally, I can all but guarantee that once you give them your email address your spam count will multiply exponentially. You'll probably get bugged endlessly to buy more expensive products, too. It looks like *that* kind of site.

    In any case, if you do decide to go for it, let us know what and how it is....
  4. stinky stuff.. do a little search at cftc.gov every time before considering any vendor. what im trying to say there's been a cftc against the crook behind this 'book'
  5. UNFORTUNEATELY I HAVE PISSED AWAY over $150 on these assorted glorified emails. the only thing i learned is how gullible i am believing these sales letter hypes. 100% useless crap for anyone who has any trading experience and is even the slightest bit successful trading.
  6. Daal, is that the one about NR days, and Inside days, and Volatility Ratios?

    I purchased that, and I get the free email alerts. Most of the alerts come on commodities like the grains, meats, and precious metals. I trade stocks. Although they do have stock alerts too, I don't see them much.

    The basis of the method is from the Raschke/Connor method of narrow range/ inside day/low volatility. It is a neat method, described in other publications as well. The component that Raschke and Connors added is the volatility portion. Trading a narrow range breakout has been widely published, as has trading an inside day breakout.

    The method works well, is very simple to code in TradeStation and Excel, and produces some nice profits. Pierce runs a pretty clean website, although I do not subscribe to anything. When I am bored and looking for short-term action, I run my excel program over a list of 500 stocks and see what looks good.

    You can imagine what a narrow range bar will look like, and then if that same bar is an inside day too. What the volatility ratio does is highlight opportunities that are in very tight flag patterns. I found the calculation for Connor's historic volatility ratio archived in TASC, so I purchased that for $3.50.

    PM me if you want to know more.

  7. In the words of Larry the Cucumber...... oh maaaaaaaannnnn!

    I checked out the post re: cftc.gov and Stephen Pierce. What a shame. There is no reason to lie in this business. It is not that hard to make money. And one thing is for sure, this is an easy game to coach. Tough to play, but very easy to coach.

    The guy ends all his correspondence with God bless you etc. I promise you that I will address this topic with him today via email.

    One must remember, however, that Solomon was a very great man who was the off-spring of David and Bathsheba, a questionable relationship at best. Good things can come from bad situations.

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    Maybe we could make a black list of websites that just want to make money from selling subscriptions instead of helping traders to succeed. I know that a lot of you never buy stuff like this, but for the innocent trader (myself included....;D) we could do this. Or even make a website about this. The only problem is, is this legal? I think i will make a website, but i need help. Anybody who bought a tradingcourse, subscription to stockpick sites, chatrooms etc. and who thought that he did not got value for his money pm me and i will put it on a website. Include arguments why etc. Thanks.
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    There are some good eBooks online and some others are junk.

    The only way to find out is to buy it and see. Just make sure there is a money back guarantee (FWIW, I did check out his site and there is a $ back guarantee).
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