Rape charge recommended for Israeli president

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  1. Rape charge recommended for Israeli president

    JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Police in Israel are recommending that the country's president be charged with rape and other crimes against several women, a police announcement said.

    Police issued a statement Sunday announcing that they have asked Attorney General Menahem Mazuz to charge Israeli President Moshe Katsav with rape, indecent assault and sexual harassment of an undisclosed number of women.

    Investigators also have evidence that Katsav illegally pardoned people convicted of crimes and conducted illegal wire-taps, the statement said.

    The investigation of Katsav continues into other charges that he harassed a witness and obstructed justice, the statement said.

    Mazuz will make the final decision on whether to put the president on trial.

    A previous president and several prime ministers have been suspected of financial misdeeds and a former defense minister was convicted of sexual harassment. But the charges facing Katsav would be the most serious criminal counts brought against a serving Israeli official.

    The investigation of Katsav began earlier this year after a former employee alleged he forced her to have sex under the threat of dismissal. Police repeatedly questioned Katsav at his official residence and seized personal documents.

    Katsav has denied wrongdoing and his lawyer has said that he is the victim of blackmail.

    Katsav was appointed president by parliament in 2000, after President Ezer Weizman resigned amid allegations of corruption.

    The Israeli president's role is mostly ceremonial, but Razi Barkai, a political journalist for more than 30 years, told CNN these accusations, true or not, will mean an end to Katsav's political career.

    News of a possible presidential sex scandal, which was overshadowed when it broke during Israel's war with Hezbollah, has recently become the focus of national media coverage.
  2. Rape is a cowardly act, that's for sure. If he's guilty he should be punished severely.

    But, at least he didn't chop off anyone's head for their political views, or bury anyone in dirt up to their neck and throw stones at their head, making sure that the stones were small enough that death would take a while, or surgically break a young man's hands because he played Beatles songs on his dulcimer, or hang a young woman by the neck until she was dead because she was caught necking with a young man.

    At least he didn't do that. That would really suck.


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  3. No, he didn't chop off anyone's head (moral relativism) nor did he go to a school house in an Amish village and bind and gag innocent little girls for no reason, then murder said little girls...one by one (more moral relativism).

    Your point is moral relativism? Damn idiotic point.

    The most heinous act this year? I think it was committed by a white male, citizen of the United States of America...that gets my vote.

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    So are you dry these days, Z? I think you had a little tumble off the wagon about 3 months ago, didn't you?

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  8. I assume that means you're dry, because when you were in relapse a few months back, you were frothing at the mouth and charging those who owned you with buggery, perhaps in an unconscious effort to provide a reason for your bad behaviour here.

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    PS - Just going off to do a search to confirm that you also started a thread about the Amish incident, which would be the only thing that could save you from charges of grossly partisan and intellectually dishonest behaviour.

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  9. Gobbledygook
  10. Tradernot easily beats LoZZZer in any troll contest. By a wide margin. LoZZZer is an annoying, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Israel, anti-values piece of manure. BUT he's a. passionate about his beliefs, b. He's NEVER ONCE on ET advocated violence toward a person, people, race or nation, c. He's a funny, witty guy (always a sign of some intellect) and d. He's a sports fan. I'd also add he has reasoned market opinions. Two of my best friends share LoZZZer's political opinions and I think they are ALSO dildo's but to each his own.

    Nik on the other hand adds NOTHING to these discussions. 99% of his posts are flaming Pabst or spectator or LoZZZer or even South America. Four easy targets. Why? Because all 4 "screen names" argue passionately, spirited and oft controversial viewpoints with abandon. To a troll like Nik, blood in the water.

    Don't get me wrong. I think BOTH Nik and Z are whiny little bitches. Assholes in fact. However in choosing the worst of the pair, it's Nik. In fact I think NIK REALLY IS a little bitch. IMO he either takes it up the ass OR has like issues.
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