Rape and murder of a virgin girl

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    Footnoted article:http://judicial-inc.biz/MiscPics.htm

    As you see, the ADL has been created on the shoulders of this young girl.

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    <title>Leo Frank and Mary Phagan murder</title>
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    apart from a straight up 9.8 on the WTF-o-meter going on in this thread, is deviancy a word?
  3. who decided that she was a virgin?

    Sorry, did not mean to demean the victim, but I think the title is misleading. Why is the virgin mentioned there?
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  5. Interesting.
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    The 1913 trial of Leo Frank in Atlanta was a travesty of justice. The man, a
    wealthy factory owner, who mistreated his employees to exactly the extent
    that was customary in the times, and as far as one can tell no more than that,
    was found guilty of the murder of one of them, young Mary Phagan, by
    an antisemitic jury inflamed by the popular press. He was sentenced to death,
    and before the possibility of an appeal, kidnapped from prison and lynched by
    a mob of antisemitic Atlanta rednecks styling themselves as the `Knights of
    Mary Phagan.'

    The scummy lynch mob that murdered Frank went on to help build no less
    prestigious an organization than the modern Knights of the Klu Klux

    For anyone who didn't know it: Atlanta in 1913 was as racist a place as could
    be found anywhere on the surface of the earth.

    The Klu Klux Klan is on record as hating Jews as well as blacks, and they've
    also lynched a few, in addition to the thousands of blacks that they strung up
    through the twentieth century, for reasons that were no doubt, just as solid
    as the ones they had for slaughtering Frank.

    Good accounts of this little known, but once celebrated, American murder trial
    can be found in:

    The Leo Frank Case. Leonard Dinnerstein.
    Columbia University Press (1968).

    The Murder of Little Mary Phagan. Mary Phagan. New Horizon Press (1987).

    For any reasonable person, it makes very disturbing reading material, to say
    the least.

    It's astonishing how little Jew haters like `Publisher' change over the ages.
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    Sieg Heil!
  8. I don't think Nazism is still a serious political movement. Modern day Nazism are basically a bunch of tatoed skinheads and government operatives going around screaming "Heyl Hitler", doing drugs, and acting exactly like those who where considered as most abhorrent by the Fuhrer. Nervertheless, it's a great tragedy that we destroyed the moral nation led by Adolf Hitler - a man who prohibited any research on the development of nuclear fission, saying that he would never allow anyone in Germany to work to work on such an inhumane weapon.

    A man who evacuated 60,000 Jews westwards from Auschwitz in early 1945 -even supplying them with food. Yet, Holocoastians claim that the "Evil Nazis" where able to gas over 100,000 Jews per week

    A man who was vegetarian and a strong supporter of animal rights. Even writing that he intended to eventually turn Germany into a nation without slaughter houses.

    A man who banned (jewish) pornography, - making selling porn a crime punishable by death.

    A man who made dozens of peace proposals to the British whom he respected deeply.

    A man who was less racist than any other European leader in the world at that time. For the simple reason that Germany was the only nation that didn't have a seperated army.

    Shame on FDR for destroying this last bastion of western civilization. Eternal glory to the Romanians, Austrians, Dutch, Albanians, Serbs, Armenians, Palestians, Algerians, French, Finish that fought in the Waffen-SS against the Jewish puppets who committed agression on them.

    May Hitler's soul rest in peace, and may God save all nations in the world from the Jewish influences that are so devastating to it.
  9. Aww... you're just jealous because he lived out your biggest fantasy (sex with a child). You're one of the few people capable of making LoZZZer look sane by comparison.

    Quote from publisher aka WAKE-UP aka PLATO2 aka heymenth_b aka 3 or 4 other usernames:

    "Now with the above in mind, let us ask, Is pedophilia a True Crime? The answer, I think, is clearly No. No one has ever shown that pedophilia AS SUCH harms anyone, and all claims of harm are purely speculative. Yes, the way in which an act of pedophilia is carried out may be harmful -- rape, for example -- but pedophilia is not rape except perhaps in the legal sense ('statutory rape'). There is, however, one way in which pedophilia is frequently harmful, namely, that it causes the perpetrators to spend substantial time behind bars where they are almost invariably the subject of rape and where they are taught the pleasures of homosexual perversion. And of course where their lives are ruined."

    "I acually agree with that, yes, I do not believe that those who commit these acts are always completely guilty. I believe that many of those are victims of the system, which brought them to their deed. Not everyone can handle the constant bombardment of sex and titillation on television and on the internet. There will always be people who get frustrated to a point where they go out and commit rape. Rape is not the individual's fault but society's fault, and society should be blamed. The individual is not responsible for raping the child - it is society that has raped."



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    True: a bunch of totally unoriginal ersatz Nazi wannabees, such as
    `Publisher', are the only potential leaders of this ridiculous bunch these
    days. They're no threat to anyone at all in the US. How the mighty have

    But that is absolutely wrong. A disturbing lack of vision and devotion to the
    cause is displayed here. The `tatoed [sic] skinheads and government
    operatives' derided above are precisely the sort of people `der Führer' most
    loved to recruit at the beginning. It was among ex-WWI soldiers and the
    economically disaffected that the NSDAP had their greatest initial recruiting
    successes. All of those potential `White' heroes, and their enthusiastic support to be

    Justification for this BS?

    Of course, it's merely a rhetorical question.

    Anyone who's bothered to look into history at all understands that Germany had
    an active program to develop a nuclear weapon during WWII. No less a genius
    than Wernher von Heisenberg was in charge of the German A-bomb project.

    Heisenberg, despite all modern apologetics, was serious about developing an
    A-bomb. That the German project didn't succeed is a separate question entirely
    from whether the workers on it wished it to.

    We can all be thankful that some elementary mistakes were made, in the early
    days, by the scientific representatives of the `master race' in their quest to
    build an A-bomb.

    This, referring to the death marches that were ordered, when it became clear
    that the `master race' was going to lose the war, despite their obvious
    genetic superiority, and that a likely consequence, if there were any
    survivors of the Vernichtungs-Lagern, was that the larger world would come to
    understand the magnitude of the crime that was committed.

    No doubt, `der Führer' also loved his dog.

    No shit?

    I must say: it would have been a real achievement on his part. It could,
    almost, make up for his direct responsibility in the deaths of 24,000,000
    Russians, 7,500,000 Germans, and 6,000,000 Jews, as well as God alone knows
    how many Roma, and un-numbered others.

    ROTFL. Peace proposals such as:

    `Just give me Chekoslovakia boys, and eternal peace will be yours, my
    fellow Aryans.

    There were some British who were fooled, it's true.


    `Publisher' should really try removing his head from his ass for long enough
    to at least finish reading `Mein Kampf.'

    It's certainly among the worst, and most boring pieces of shite to be found in
    world literature, but reading it will cure anyone, even the most illiterate
    among us, of such nonsensical opinions as `Hitler was less racist than any
    other European leader in the world at that time.'

    Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
    Über alles in der Welt,
    Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
    Brüderlich zusammenhält,
    Von der Maas bis an die Memel,
    Von der Etsch bis an den Belt:
    Deutschland, Deutschland über alles,
    Über alles in der Welt.

    It's such a boring song, really. And just look how things worked out for the
    real Nazis. Not so well, Na?

    The Horst Wessel Lied is even worse, IMO.

    The trouble with all of you modern day would-be Nazis, is that, rather like
    your spiritual forebears, you simply lack taste, refinement and any
    originality. No wonder Germany got its ass kicked in WWII.

    Here's a much better German song from the era.

    Vor der Kaserne
    Vor dem großen Tor
    Stand eine Laterne
    Und steht sie noch davor
    So woll'n wir uns da wieder seh'n
    Bei der Laterne wollen wir steh'n

    Wie einst Lili Marleen.
    Wie einst Lili Marleen.
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