Rants against Hershey and those who follow his posts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by baro-san, Nov 18, 2011.

Do you want the rants against Hershey and those who follow his posts to stop?

  1. Yes: I wont them to stop

    25 vote(s)
  2. No: I think they have informational value

    41 vote(s)
  3. Other or no opinion

    9 vote(s)
  1. baro-san


    I'm disgusted and fed up with the endless harassing posts written over and over by the same few persons against Hershey personally, and against his method and its followers.

    Those posts don't have any value, not even entertainment value, and it's obvious they're not intended to warn anybody, but just to hurt and harass. They're not based on actual verifiable information, and don't offer any valid arguments.

    I would like those posters to stop chasing Hershey and those who discuss his method all over ET.

    This poll is intended to give voice to ET members will. If the majority decides that Hershey detractors' posts should continue, so be it. Else, those posters should accept it and stop by their own will.

    I vote "yes": to stop the harassment.
  2. Really? How disgusted and fed up could you be?..you know,on a scale of 1-10.Or do you get paid for drumming up posts on the guy? Or are you baron in disguise?
  3. jsp326


    I'll try to get this in before the Hershey-friendly mods delete it.

    Since Jack has been posting on trading forums for over 10 years, someone should be able to produce a

    1) sanitized account statement showing profitable results with at least 1,000 trades or

    2) same as above with 2 years of trading and at least 500 trades

    Heck, I'd even take a Collective2 account with one of the above. With all his followers, someone can do this, right? If not, then let's stop all the pro-Hershey posts instead of the rants, which are probably well deserved.
  4. Hershey is the most fascinating thing about ET:

    To anyone who actually knows all the terms he uses (ie, Gaussian): he's a prima facie lunatic (or at least an awesome troll in pulling your legs) since he's just stringing them into nonsense.

    Not nonsense as in I disagree with it, nonsense in the sense of: price action goes to the southeast when cat/dog food contains small amount of martian soil.

    I really really want to know why Hershey followers believes there might actually be anything in what he says?

  5. spd


    EVERYONE CARES!!!!!!!!
  6. jsp326


    Obviously Jack's cult cares more about this than anyone else, so we know how the vote will tally up.

    A few questions, though:

    1) Who gave you authority to make content decisions based on your own polls?

    2) What's "wont" mean?

    3) Are you this fragile and whiney about everything?
  7. jem


    So would you reverse your position if the price action goes to the northeast and the volume fractals contain detectable trace lunar co-dependancy?
  8. The market knows not which of the 22-dimensional corner north-east is. That is the first mistake of the new trader, his pursuit of what is rather what ought to be.

    Price and volume are coordinates in a Lie-22 algebra group - thus, to capture sqrt(-1) times the true range, we must not be long, or short, but to be sideway - always sideway, moving in cosine against reason at all times

  9. d08


    Where's the "+1" button here :)
  10. NoDoji


    Let's not pollute this thread with redundancy and pedantic erudition.

    emg has already covered the above concepts with brilliant simplicity in the ES Journal:

    #10     Nov 18, 2011