Rant to Give Obama a Chance

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CollegeTrader33, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Today, it was proven that 'America' works.

    Listen, in the trading community, Obama wasn't the popular choice. This much is clear. However, give the man a chance; the nation (and thus the economy) has grown the most during a democratic regime. There are some radical ideas on the table, but they are necessary. Why? The Bush policies have failed unequivocally and have harmed the nation as a whole.

    Have they helped the upper class? Sure. Have they accelerated the methods by which the trading community has gained profits? Of course. Does this help the nation as a whole? No.

    Though, as a FUNDAMENTAL Republican, I feel Obama's policies essentially invest taxpayer dollars in what Republicans should invest in: infrastructure. Will some Obama-backed regulation hurt the trading industry? Hell yeah it will, but the few bad apples have destroyed the batch for the rest, so I blame the trading community for not calling the bad apples out earlier. Your fault.

    If you say "Well, fair play means communism, so we are all going to be Marxists before two years are up" then you are insane. Stop living so far on the edge of the political spectrum and join us sane folks in the middle. Let's grow the economy as we can grow the nation. USA should be the best, not just you. You should want to live in a nation where the education is the best, where the infrastructure is solid, where foreign policy is guided by foreign policy and not potential earnings. I can't blame those who make war possible for pushing for an aggressive US foreign policy, but that doesn't mean they are right.

    Every dollar the government takes out of infrastructure takes it away from the true value of our country.

    Obama, I hope, is leading toward the center, not the far left. Hell, he pissed of the gay community, isn't that enough for the far right of the country to accept that he may not be Karl Marx II?

    Here's to Barack Obama leading to a second term in 2012, leading to a Ron Paul-type in 2016- someone who understands the ideal function of government: Minimal taxes, efficient government, and socially liberal values.. something America should stand for.
  2. I hope that Obama turns out to be a great president who will truly change this country.

    Unfortunately I objectively believe that he will be nothing more than a puppet for those who are really in control, just like those presidents of the last 3 (at least terms). Although I really hope I am wrong, I believe the masses have been fooled.
  3. A short term senator with an extreme liberal voting record is not a centrist. My moral views will not be swayed in the name of "unity" and I disagree with most of his agenda. His socialist big government leanings are scary because the sheeple are frightened and might cave in. Other than that, he is my President now and I wish him every success possible. :D
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    It would be much better if the black community would stop referring to him as 'our' man as if it means they now have control over this country, race eclipses all in their mind and that divisiveness is really destructive, not to mention stupid.

    I have seen nothing but platitudes, symbolism, and slogans from the guy. His leanings are clearly left from his thoughts on income redistribution and gays in the military stance, that is all I have to go on and that doesn't bode well. In short he has no real plan (infrastructure is simply a feel-good vagary), leans left, hopes that the smarter people around him work out, is ever the politican actor that is perpetually in campaign mode.

    What would help a lot is a republican congress.
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    I hope you don't mean the Republicans we have in office now.

    I have decided to get behind "O" with the same vigor and respect that the Libs got behind "W"