rant: alas, IB olympiad is over and my system blew up.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jjk2, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. jjk2


    what can i say, what a heavy learning process this was, picking up programming again and learning the wonders of interactive brokers api

    kinda funny altho my system was making money in the first week, i saw the massive gains others were making so i leveraged even more positions.

    big mistake, i slowly saw my equity dip into reds largely due to the fact that i missed out on a lot of opportunities because i didn't understand different order types properly...and also because of the huge positions.

    it was fake money but it felt very real as i had put up so much time and effort figuring out the api and creating and endlessly refining a fully automated system.

    ugh i feel like shit.
  2. maxpi


    Take a couple days off, have some fun
  3. Go find a female
  4. Why let the fact that a theory which you had about how price action works is not valid bother you emotionally when you didn't spend real money to learn that it doesn't work?

    Not a winning attitude my friend!

    If I were you I would be grateful I didn't lose money and eagerly absorb all I could about what was wrong with my former ideas, then get to work on a new system asap instead of throwing myself a pity party.

    I don't mean at all to knock you down, only to encourage. I'm being less tough on you than the markets will.
  5. jjk2


    thanks i know what you mean but im just going to take some time off from all of this its getting to my head. i spent a lot of time and effort getting that system to work i had to learn vba, figure out how to use the api thing which took forever.....but what an experience i've never taken on such intense project before

    all i can say after 2.5 months is im exhausted/

    and i am spending way too much time on here for my liking
  6. This is a great beginning for you.

    I predictive extraordinary success in automated trading of the markets. I have no dobut you will assimilate this lesson and many others and come out of the experience on top of your game.

  7. jjk2


    i took this game too seriously is my conclusion.
  8. Well, probably but you learned something out of it and it only cost you your time. Not a bad deal in the grand scheme.
  9. gusy


    In order to learn trading many people spend as much time as you have invested and then loose $20-50 or 100K!!

    You got a bargain lesson using real live software and market conditions and hopefully learned things about leverage that will save you future real money. Smile and be happy!

    I know what you mean about being tired, I felt the same way last year after the two months, I could not wait to get back to my "normal" life as the leverage necessary to place on top is emotionally draining.
  10. jjk2


    yea...i hate the cliche about these traders with absent genes for detecting fear....daily fluctuations of market is really emotionally straining.....even tho in my case no real money was involved, i guess opportunity cost was the currency.
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