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  1. Good to know how Ransquawk are spending their money.
    Still want to subscribe?


    Two-faced Chuka Umunna is forever banging on about the need for “responsible capitalism”. Chuka might be keen to bash the bankers in public, yet the latest update to the Register of Members’ Interests shows that the Streatham MP pocketed a generous donation of £6,030 from a financial services company to sponsor his summer party in July:

    Realtime Analysis and News are better known to day traders and other running dogs of casino capitalism as RANsquawk, an extremely profitable online service set-up by City whizz-kids providing tips and rumours to traders. They promise to provide “rumours that may move the market”. Responsible capitalism in action.

    As impressive a service as this sounds to Guido, it does seem like the sort of thing Chuka had in mind when he was attacking the City’s “casino culture”. With Chuka he has the trick of saying one thing to one audience and something very different to another when their backs are turned…
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    boycott ransquawk, obviously socialist organisation, what other service can i choose?
  3. worthless news service.

    markets already moved in a nano second and ran reports what just happened.

    totally uninteresting news commentary and will someone tell that prick that when there is an ecb meeting not to talk over news conference.