ransquawk/ TTN/ TradersAudio???

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  1. I know this question has been asked before but not in a while.

    I am looking for a new service that covers futures and international markets as well as domestic. Equities, Futures, Fixed Income, FX would be great.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
  2. jsmooth


    Traders Audio is the best SP Pit Squawk Box out there....From reading your post, it sounds like your looking for a news service though (so in that case, TTN would better fit what your looking for). The Traders Audio SP squawk doesnt do that, it basically just quotes the pit and lets you know whos buying/selling - paper vs locals. I've been listening to them for a few years and I dont think I'd be able to trade the ES without it. Knowing what the locals are doing (if they are just hunting for stops, if the #1 locals are buying/selling or trying to offer the market lower gives you a whole new edge that cant be seen from just looknig at a price chart). Using the squawk isnt something you can just add to your trading though; it takes a lot of time and study to really understand what your listening too and listening for (especially if you've never been in a trading pit before). I guess what i'm trying to say; it will take more than the 3 day trial to really get something out of the squawk and incorporate it into your trading. It's purely supply & demand and understanding the whole Auction process....with all the charts & purely technical traders that most computer based traders are nowadays, its not easy to just alter your whole approach and try to see the market in terms of pure supply & demand (which is what the squawk pretty much does).

    Trade the News - Their SP Squawk, as compared to TradersAudio, isnt any good....I've listen to both of them side-by-side in the past, and it seemed like TTN was pretty much just quoting the mini. Keep in mind that was a good year and a half ago, so they may have some new broadcasters, I havent listened to them recently. TTN does have a good News feed service though, and a nice downloadable platform for those news feeds. The TradersAudio "News Beat" squawk isnt that good, TTN is better if your just looking for a market news squawk.