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Discussion in 'Trading' started by chamillionaire, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Again finding this service to be the best around. Almost as if they are guiding through the trading day. Anyone else using it?
    I would highly recommend it. think they do free trials as well.
  2. Dogfish


    They were useless at refco, missed loads of news and then thought the sun shone out of their backside if you phoned up to inform them of their mistake they took huge offence over it. The analyst desk improved massively once they'd left

    People who trade at other props in London who signed up just find it irritating, so much useless waffle and attempted explanations at small market moves. Great if you want to know when there's fog on the panama canal - but do you?

    Less is more
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    Advertising rates for ET are available on request.
  4. How much a month is it?

  5. lol
  6. no need to blame anybody for bad news.

    i have a bloomerg to myself.

    get yourself a bloomberg and read it yourself then you only have yourself to blame if you miss it or interpret it wrong.

    then again with so many people making loads of money you would not think it is not an issue.

    obviously with no bloomberg at their desk they probably are not making any money but are happy to blame ran news when they lose.

    i listen to ran and have not got a problem with them but i do not rely on them.

    i make my own decisions based on what i think not what ran news told me or didnt tell me.
  8. Dogfish


    My view exactly, especially to those not in an arcade, why waste cash on such a dire service? Put the money towards your own bloomers and reuters terminals instead if you're without and avoid the irritation in the background. If your concentrating on a position it's nice to have someone pick up on real market moving headlines but as for the rest of the waffle... It would be a better service if they cut back the chat basically. Quality not quantity.
  9. Interesting take on it. I personally like paying 250 a month to have them as an analyst then the 2000 a month for blmbrg.....I also like the fact that they have insight into what different banks are looking at - rumors, option flow, etc. And as for me, I usually am too occupied to have to scroll blmbrg for news AFTER the fact. Its much easier to have someone scanning news, making calls to bank desks, and watching for everything else for me while giving it to me in real time. For the small amount of money it costs, I can focus on opportunities and not on why something is happening (which would usually be after the opportunity is missed or after Ive been ironed).

    I know alot of guys that were employing analysts that have now switched to using the service. AGAIN, why pay someone $75,000 when you have a team of analysts working for you for $250/mo.

    For 250 a month if I can get even one thing from them that either I capitalize on, or that saves me money, then why wouldnt I want them??????? Any trader that can sack up 250 for the service should probably be looking for work elsewhere.

    Just my opinion on it............

    Best of luck to all.