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    Threat of inflation remains, says King (FT)**
    The paper notes that BoE's King warned that inflation poses a serious threat to the U.K., despite weak housing market data yesterday.

    Many U.K. newspapers this morning are putting a lot of attention on the housing market following yesterday's weak data and commentary:
    -BoE's King: stark picture for U.K. economy (Telegraph)
    -Homebuyers locked out as mortgages dry up (FT) - citing yesterday's 12% fall in home loan approvals
    -Credit crisis to worsen, fears on inflation and growth, companies warn of consumer woes (Independent)

    IDS U.K. September-November pay deals rise 3.5% vs. 3.2% in August-October period (MNI)
    The 3.5% level was the level that they were at for most of 2007.

    iBoxx Sterling Index extends by a large 0.1 years into December (MNI)