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  1. Several months ago, I did a review of many online news sources which also have audio. These news services filter all the various feeds and bring you more pertinent news which may have the potential to move markets or individual stocks.

    If you haven't seen my original YouTube review, it's here:


    As of a couple of days ago, Ransquawk started covering the Asian markets. So basically, they now bring the news 24 hours a day (instead of ending at 4:30 pm eastern time).

    To me, this is very significant because the only other news service (with audio) that had around the clock coverage was "TradeTheNews.com". It's nice to see competition ramp up in this area.

    Also, they have released an app for the iPad/iPhone and made it available in HTML5 so Android users can get news as well while on the go (although it doesn't have audio). This is something most others don't offer.

    We all have our own trading styles. Trading the News is not for everyone. But I thought I'd pass this along for those who do want to keep on top of things.

    I will probably do another video soon as some of the stuff is outdated in my original video.
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    Hello Howard,

    Isn't a 24 hour coverage a prerequisite for a professional news service since a couple of years ?

    First Call Market Squawk, another British news vendor, has a new name and offers now 24 h service as well.
    Didn't check it out yet, but before I found them to be better than RanSquawk.

    Their new URL is

    Would be interested to hear/see about this mobile phone app, it's content, visibility, delay a.s.o.

    Therefore, looking forward to your video review - just don't be so friendly to these guys anymore - they are making a lot of money off of us. Asking first class prices requires delivery of first class service.


    Only few ever got rich digging for gold.
    But there is a lot of money to be made
    ... selling goods and services to those digging for it.
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    What is this special (hate-) relationship between Sigma and RanSquawk all about ?

    On both sides they seem to explode once you mention the name of the other...

    Just curious.
  4. Thanks for letting me know about the other services. I'm always looking for services with news at good prices. I'm in the middle of evaluating livesquawk.com as suggested in this thread. They are NOT a 24-hour service. There is no news during the Asian markets. They're just open for British and American stock market hours. I don't like livesquawk's platform either. They don't print all the news, just a few, so if you missed what the announcer said, you're SOL.

    Livesquawk also exclusively covers "macro" news. They don't cover and bring news from individual stock names. Ransquawk is also "macro", but they do bring much more "micro" news than livesquawk.

    I also subscribe to Benzinga.com as they bring more "micro" news than "macro". And they're the cheapest out there at $75/month. But they have a long way to go as it's a start up and they need to get better at bringing the news.

    Next week, I wanna try Sigma. I think I had tried them before, but don't remember the details. I'll follow up here after testing them out again.
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    Great - like to have your assessment, also it seems we are pretty much on the same line.

    Sigma, however, still has no text service as of yet.
    On their website they claim to have it - but these news re-sellers always claim a lot and deliver little.
    I was asking the other day, and they said they will add it in the nearby future
    - but they already said so a year or more ago.

    Adding text requires an interface and more manpower, and they hesitate to make the effort.
    But without additional text all the squawk in the world is completely useless.

    If First Call / Livesquawk doesn't has everything in text I do not have to trial them either.


    Only few ever got rich digging for gold.
    But there is a lot of money to be made
    ... selling goods and services to those digging for it.
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    What most squawk listeners seem to be positive about is ITC BrokerTalk


    But they too are more concerned about interest rate markets, not stocks. But at least they do have a text interface.

    Might trial it some day, provided they do not try to gather confidential information during the process.
  8. cvh, thanks for reminding me that Sigma doesn't have text either. For my trading needs, I need audio and text.

    I covered ITC in my YouTube video. I live on the west coast and their news service stopped at 10:00 am (pacific time). Looks like they're mostly for the European markets.

    And thanks for the other link on the long discussion of Ran, although most of it was from years ago. One thing people fail to realize is that there is more than one way to trade the markets. These news services aren't for everyone. Based on my own needs, the top two are TradeTheNews.com and Ransquawk since they now provide 24 hour service. They both offer a free trial so one can judge which fits their own needs.

    It was just surprising to see that most of these news services with audio did not offer 24 hour service. This is why I started this thread as I was excited to see Ransquawk offer 24 hour coverage of the markets.
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    I guess services like
    - Sigma http://www.sigma-informationservices.co.uk/
    - FC MarketSquawk http://www.livesquawk.com/index.php#!members
    - ITC http://www.itcmarkets.com/the-squawk
    consider themselves to be additions for those who already have a Reuters or Bloomberg news feed.
    That is why they are not so eager to offer text messages...

    What we are talking here is retail level, private individual traders in a home office
    who (still) can't afford the hefty price tag of a Reuters feed
    and have to search for alternatives.

    Unfortunately there is not much interest for news on the retail level.
    Most abandon trading before they fully understand the importance of news flow.
    Since demand is low, there is not much supply either
    and most retail guys will have to deal with second class choices
    until they reach the account size that is required to justify a Reuters feed.

    Hence: Let's make more money !!!
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