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    i was just wondering what is the criteria for the "junior member, member, senior member, and elite member." just curious. thanks

  2. 0-24 posts = Jr

    25-99 = Member

    100-499 = senior

    500+ = Elite

    1000+ in less than 2 months = AphexMember :D

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    thanks tech analysis
  4. gnome


    You forgot...
    1000+ in less than 2 weeks = Ahpie GOLD Member!!:D
  5. Baron,

    Is it possible to weight number of posts by length of membership? I am about to fall off the list :mad:


    P.S. Alternatively, how about expanding the list to cover the top 30 posters?
  6. Yes, and assign to each of the top 30 a special title from the Dow Jones Index, like:

    MacDonald Bright MCD
    JP Morgan Chasinfla JPM
    Metooxx Mobil XOM
    Nitro Paper IP
    Def Pont DD
    Aphexcola KO
    Rthar-Packard HPQ
    Procter & Gekko PG
    Philip Darkhorse MO
    RS7 Comms SBC
    Daniel-Mart WMT
    Magnasoft MSFT
    Babakeing BA
    Candlepillar CAT
    Home Seanote HD

    In addition to the Most Active Members list, you could have the Biggest Percentage Gainers list, and the Biggest Losers list,
    Biggest Net Gainers, and Biggest Losers on the Net
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    Or to count the number of letters posted? :D Top 30 or 25 posters is a good idea. BTW: How many Elite Members (>500 posts) are there?

    ooiioo: great! I'll tell you a secret - Long Aphexcola! 3,000 by year end!
  8. I'm just playing the whole index.
    I might hedge with some Single Stock Fudgers if they get more liquid.
  9. I love it!!! :p
  10. Here's a genuine suggestion:

    Instead of listing the members with the highest post count on the main Forum page, have a Most Actively Traded list

    Next to the Edit/Quote/Kill options on a posted message, there could be an Archive option.

    When you post a message, it would say Edit/Quote/Kill/Archive

    If you were satisfied with a message you had posted, and felt you had said something worthwhile and substantial or informative in it, you could click Archive to add it to your file.
    All the little messages of no lasting substance could be left off the archive.
    Then when people clicked to see your posts they would only have your Archive posts displayed, and not have to wade through all the little one-line replies to other posts. There could also be another option to "See All posts by this member".

    The Most Active list on the Forum would list the top dozen members, not by how many posts they had written, but by how many times their Archive file had been read by other members.
    (Person reading their own archive shouldn't be counted)

    Then the rankings would actually have some meaning. It would be like actively traded stock lists. And the top-12 or top-15 index really would be like a stock Index of the most valuable.

    Remember, stock-splits and share dilution don't necessarily increase the value of a stock.
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