Ranking of World Universities

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  1. I wonder what the general consensus of the ranking is? I like this particular ranking system because it considers factors which schools can not easily fudge to obtain higher scores (i.e. nobel laureates, highly cited researchers, etc...Check out the following link:

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    the university I graduated from, UCLA (class of 86) came in 15th, so it looks like a good list to me (^_^)

  3. Eldredge


    It looks like they are very biased towards science and not business.
  4. It's a good list, which I can agree with... but, like Ken, I am biased :p
  5. jessie


    Sorry, but ranking Michigan above Wisconsin is just ridiculous!!! They don't even serve beer in their student union!
    GO BADGERS!!!!!!
  6. Jessie-
    i like the way you think! beer on campus sounds great.

    My decision was very easy...since my family had very little money, and my grades were not good enough for scholarship, I did what I thought would make me most happy.

    I went to the bookstore and looked in one of those college ranking books and found a few that I had a chance of getting into.
    Then I picked the one with the highest % of females. :D

    I had the time of my life.

    Happy Trading.:cool:

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  7. Total bollocks. Bunch of Chinese dudes trying to quantify and rank mostly American universities based on frivolous information. Did you guys even read their ranking methodology? Rutgers, Univ of Minnesota/Wisconsin and Penn State ranked higher than Brown and NYU???? Give me a break!

    I think I'll stick with the USNews rankings instead.

  8. Even though I'm a grad of MIT , I have worked with some VERY smart people who went here http://www.iitd.ernet.in/ but it's ranked 450-500? Give me a break, that school could easily be in the top ten for the world.
  9. Didn't look at the list before my first post...but what do you know , my school is on the top American Universities! Oh yeah....you go boy! Lol.:cool:
  10. So does this mean one has a better chance of becoming a Nobel laureate, highly successful researcher, or a publisher of scientific material if they receive their education from one of these schools?

    Let's see....graduates from my school-Hawthorne (I never really wrote well), Chamberlain (I never lead an army on the battlefield), Peary (I've never been North of Iceland), Benoit-Samuelson (I can barely run a six minute mile)

    Maybe I'm missing the point, but I don't understand the relevance or correlation.

    Oh, someone better tell the Chinese that put together the list that Canada is not part of the US.

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