Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History

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  1. There is a guy by the name of Michael H. Hart, who did a 100 Top Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History. I find the idea interesting as it forces one to summarize and to rank what is significant at least in a relative sense. According to wiki the top ten ranking in Hart's book is:

    1 Muhammad
    2 Isaac Newton
    3 Jesus Christ
    4 Buddha
    5 Confucius
    6 St. Paul
    7 Ts'ai Lun
    8 Johann Gutenberg
    9 Christopher Columbus
    10 Albert Einstein Physicist

    I do not think that the physicists in there would continue to be important going in the future, but the religion guys are likely to continue to be important as man is religious by nature. I can also think of many others who should have been ranked higher than those physicists. For instance Einstein is in my view below many other people -- (in addition, I do not believe that Einstein was actually the guy who came up with what is attributed to him as a whole, but that is another subject).
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    Laughable that Isaac Newton is more influential than Christ. Christianity has 2.2 Billion global adherents. Islam has 1.4 Billion. Christ is #1. Muhammed, is a distant second. Christianity is the light of the world, for a reason. Christian countries are far more wealthy, prosperous and law abiding then their Muslim counterparts. That's as true today, as it was 1000 years ago. Without oil, the Islamic world would be largely destitute, impoverished in their own corruption.
  3. It is likely that Jesus was a fictional character.

    Also, I would argue that Adolf Hilter, Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, and Vladamir Lenin should be on that list somewhere.

    It seems that he has left off some of the bad guys.
  4. Confucious & Buddha should be higher.

    No one in the West gives props to the Eastern philosophy & history.


  5. Where would u place Obama in this list RCG?

    I recall u giving him a top 5 spot.. almost instantly after his election. LOL.

    And no, Jesus was most likely a real person.
  6. link, please.
  7. Absolutely, look at the reaction here in ET. There is not one single day, not even 12 hours, where Obama is not mentioned.:)
  8. Only whites,asians and jews on the list. No black people, thats racist. Please redo your list before i report you to NAACP
  9. that's because he is the current President, and this is the P&R forum.. by that criteria Bush is up there too.
  10. Those bums got nothing on Bob Polski, greatest salesman in the world. Rumored to have sold Jesus life insurance.
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