Rank the top 3 news services in terms of speed of delivery.

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  1. I already know bloomsberg is number 1. But man its expensive!!!

    I wanted something good, better than "Trade the news" in terms of speed but affordable and one that doesnt lock you into a 2 year marridge.

  2. And if anyone says Briefing..... :mad:
  3. trade the news kicks butt. top notch analysis and quick quick quick. not much available that is faster or more insightful for traders.

  4. I like tradethe news and I have it. But is there anything faster?

    Has anyone used thestreet (i think it was called).
  5. trom


    Do you use the TTN audio or text version? Their audio is quite a bit faster than text.
  6. I use both.
  7. I like Futures World News. Dow jones is just to much chatter. FWN gives you only important stuff, economic data comes out fast fast fast.
  8. Thank you. I never heard of it before. Faster than trade the news?
  9. Does anyone here use bloomberg?
  10. NJ1000


    what services do u use from trade the news besides the S&P call out?
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