Rank the following professions:

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  1. clacy


    Rank the following professions on ethics (1-4, 1 being the worst):

    Investment Bankers
    Timeshare Salesmen

    I guess mine would be:

    3-Investment Bankers
    4-Timeshare Salesmen
  2. In terms of destructive potential

    Investment Bankers
    Timeshare salesmen

    2 and 3 are debatable but since bankers of all kinds essentially bankrupted the world i put them second.
  3. clacy


    Ya, certainly if you look at destructive potential, you have it right. I guess I was looking more for just general "sleezyness"
  4. You got it all wrong.
    Majority of politicians in US congres are lawyers so they should share number one spot.
  5. :D you guys got all wrong. Without investment bankers to push those idiots into office, these lawyers are not going to become politicians in million years.
  6. 1. Politicians
    2. Lawyers
    3. Investment Bankers
    4. Timeshare Salesmen
  7. "The men who can manage men, manage the men who can manage only things; but the men who can manage money, manage ALL."

    --Will Durant, Lessons of History

    Central bankers & derivatives traders are @ the top of the economic pyramid. :D