RangeTraders bear trappin guide!

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  1. Here is how bear trappin works. It's an excellent game which intermittently transitions into bull routin. Bull routin is a game I don't particularly care for that much because the market ain't trading no range. This range recently is so big you could run a good head of cows on it...

    Step 1. Let the market slide into a daily candle reversal.
    Step 2. Let price consolidate downward slowly day after day after day. After a few days bears will start to pile on and the trap will be ready to spring soon.
    Step 3. In order to effectively spring the trap the next reversal must engulf the previous reversal. This properly traps the bears and locks them in place so they can't escape.
    Step 4... Slowly grind the market upward until the bears die.

    Trap completed!!!

    How do you know if the best game to play is bear trappin or bull routin? Well, moving averages work, but cycles are the best!

    I don't like trend trading because those bull and bear traps have hair triggers on em.. Yes siree!!!
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    For fucks sake man, quite posting guides for every day trading strategy under the sun.

    You are a hindsight all-star, we get it.
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    Why does Rangetraders threadz get rated so lowly?

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  4. Because ET's hate to hear the truth. :D :D :D
  5. I don't doubt that you're making piles of money in your real accounts, but I think you represent the boy wonder, the prodigy, the teacher's pet, the retail bookworm to the bitter bleederz that lurk in ET's dark pool. They have battle scars. It never came this easy for them. Now they resist you because no one can know all the secrets and be this peppy.

    Sure, you've got your black belt in Technical Analysis, but can you win the tournament?

    They don't think you've paid your dues. You need to start a journal, blow up your account in real time, then make a huge comeback and they will accept you as the Guru that you are.

    Lay it all out there, everything that makes this Specialized Knowledge of yours worth money........
  6. ??? What are you even talking about... *Confused...*

    I have my battle scars from 2009...

    Three quarters of a million lost in options betting against Bernanke.

    Then I stopped fighting Bernanke... Hah... All hail Bernanke... *Bows...* Your QE2 was wonderful, and your Twist was decent... Can we get a 3rd round? :D

    Yes, I have account statements to prove that I lost three quarters of a mil in 2009 betting against Bernanke...

    Then I got my first taste of technical analysis in 2010... I was like... Huh... If I short when the stochastics momentumn index is high and price is high during a downtrend I win... And if I buy when the stochastic are low and price is low during an uptrend I win...
    Hmmm... I need to look more into this!

    Oh, as for my system... Not for sale... Ever... It's 50% instinct and experience anyway as all tape reading systems are.

    Pure mathematical technical systems based "JUST" upon price don't work as they get priced out.

    However... It is possible to make automated trading systems that do work. It requires Tick and Uvol/Dvol data from the exchanges in combination with price technicals...

    Don't hope to be on par with the quant funds... They buy data that NOBODY here has access to... They know how fast sentiment is shifting by monitoring flows of money in/out of retail funds and do a lot of their calculations off of that. I think trimtabs and a few other places supply that type of data...

    Primarily I think the exchange data feeds for $Tick, $Uvol, $Dvol, and $VXV/VIX are the most important core elements that need to be used to make a automated strategy that works. Price alone won't work ever.

    Price patterns and trends differ depending upon vol flow rates, $Tick averages, and volatility levels...
  7. Tick and Vol flow rates are key to daytrading... Help determine how far the market will retrace, how fast it's trending... Etc...

    Why did I scream "ALL IN!!!" the other day? I was expecting this rally... Had daily buy signals firing across the board...

    Was just waiting for the big boys to step in and begin to run it... And there they started to come in... Sooner than expected approaching lunchtime yesterday...

    Kinda annoying because I didn't manage to position properly to capture all of the move... Damn it...

    Stuck chasing and scalping... Sigh...
  8. The problem nowadays is that a lot of the average joe's understand the math of the range breaks... The candle counts, vol, etc...

    So moves need to be disguised a lot more....

    A gap will obfuscate the vol flow data so the amateurs are unsure about trend.

    That can be overcome though with a couple tricks... But, it's best to already be expecting the play and ready to pounce when you see them make their first move.

    False moves can also be detected easy....
  9. False move detected...
  10. Real move detected... Both moves look the exact same in price, but one sticks and trends, and the other fails horribly.

    Price alone will not work for building a technical strategy... Without using 50% or so traders instinct.

    Btw, my triangle buy/sell > low/medium/high odds signals are not for the candle after. The signal appears ON the candle in question... And it's up for me to try to get a low/high price in that candle for an entry if I want one. (That is just a statement for those annoying trolls to bitch about signals lagging...)

    This is my little tip for you guys... Go through $Tick and $Uvol/$Dvol data and look at different ways of comparing it with price and analyzing it... There are some real secrets there that can give you a big edge.

    But, the most important thing is to understand the game and the rules to the moves the market makes.

    It's NO coincidence a lot of the trending strategies that work in the forex market don't work in equities... Two different creatures that play by different rules!

    Why is it when I am tired late at night that I sit around and give away tips to people that piss me off? Well, most of you piss me off because I try to piss you off and screw with you, then you piss me off... Hahahah.... Gotta love ET!

    I'm trying to build a script to generate custom internals data off selected stocks/etfs... I think ill take a break and finish this tomorrow.

    I don't really care for "NYSE" internals and know that generating your own internals off just a selection of S&P 500 stocks in a sector are best for judging that sector.

    Hmmm... Reminds me of my old Hybrid indices... I use to mostly use a custom index of the S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Russel 2000... With a weighting of 50%, 30%, and 20%. Something like that anyway. Have to look at my old TDA code. I need to re-build that for Sierrachart. Strips out a lot of market noise.
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