Rangel Cuts A Deal

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  2. Rangel said there is "no inference of corruption" in his dealings, a contention that flies in the face of the meeting taking place by the adjudicatory subcommittee, which was asked to "prove" the allegations.

    "The good thing is that no matter how this thing ends, corruption and dishonesty have never been on the table," he said. :D


    Is Rangel an idiot or just his supporters ?
  3. His supporters don't care. It's not like respect for the law is a core cultural value for them or this administration.

    Rangel apparently has been able to use the black politican exception to avoid prosecution for tax evasion (Rangel: " I forgot", IRS: "OK, no problemo.")

    State or city charges for violation of rent control laws by having four separate rent-controlled apartments and apparently renting them out were never in the cards, considering that democrats and liberals run NY.

    The House Ethics Committee is a joke, right up there with Barney Frank and Chris Dodd claiming they saved the financial industry. They might as well just disband it, because if this corrupt POS can't be severely disciplined, it would be totaly unfair to ever discipline anyone else.

    If the republicans can't make him into a symbol of democrat corruption and run against him in the elections, they don't deserve to win. Of course they won't, because they are way too afraid to attack a black, no matter how comically corrupt he is. They know the media will immediately accuse them of racism. They'd rather lose the election, which is probably what will happen.