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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by profitseer, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. I forget where I read it. Some guy went back and figured the average daily range for SP. Then he found out that when SP exceeds it's average daily range by say 10%(or something), 55% of the time (or some more than 50% number) it goes on to exceed the range in the direction of the breakout by 25% (or some number).

    So it turns out to be a nice testable breakout system.
  2. ...I'll bite. Did you backtest it? Don't want to waste my time doing it if you already have. Thanks. - Mike
  3. No, heck no. I don't know how to test anything. I just like betting on anything that happens more often than not. Especially at even or better money.

    I've never traded it, but it would be a nice little tool to have if you were saving some daytrade margin to go out on.
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    sounds interesting
  5. ive never seen profitseer suggest a serious concept, let alone test it, or follow thru with it. i dunno if he even trades :)
  6. ...thanks. If I do anything with it I'll let you know. I'm already horrendously backlogged with bad ideas to test! - Mike
  7. ...as long as we're here, wherever that is, do you backtest? Always interested in sharing, as long as it's only things that don't work. Sorry if that's a stupid question of you, I'm not much up on who's who on ET. Thanks. - Mike
  8. Actually this concept is very profitable with a few "tweaks "
    You and all other beginners should be very greatful for new ideas instead of trying, childishly, to get personal .
  9. Great idea profitseer. But how do you know that "anything happens more often than no"? I never have any luck with this is if I only go on hearsay and don't test. How come you see profit in this?

  10. ...thank you kindly for the hint. Can it be tweaked to work with, say, less than 7 parameters? That's my empirical rule of thumb for a complexity limit. Best regards. - Mike
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