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  1. This journal will will show the entries, and exits of RCG. I trade spot fx.

    The instrument I will be using is the CHFJPY until it falls off my list.

    I have both a mean reverting as well as a trending strategy. This journal will chronicle the more risky of the two, the trending strategy.

    Trade analysis will begin on 12/1/12.
  2. You need a snap shot of your starting equity for the challenge.
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    Looking forward to it
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    Why are you not going to post your mean reversion trades?
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    Subscribed. Good luck.

    When do you start trading?
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    This journal is real right?
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    Well, how about posting a pic of your starting account, RCG. You can always make your first trade after Christmas or New Years. :D
  9. one thing I've noticed about forex is, it has a tremendous need to mean revert.

    If JPY gets too high, they can't export

    if USD gets too high, it hurts Caterpillar

    so everybody is constantly trying to get even

    they are just all like degenerate gamblers
  10. My starting account is one dollar, for those of you who are obsessed with account sizes instead of making money.

    Finally price has broken thru and stayed below the levels I have set as consolidation.

    I am short chfjpy at half my max position size at 88.321. Stop loss will be determined on a day by day basis based on asset allocation algorithms.

    I will keep appraised daily.
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