Range bound intraday trading

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  1. markets are range bound at 2:13

    this is typically bullish as the indexes will close at the upper end of the range when this happens following a huge sell off. It happened last week, and November 21st. A range bound trading day FOLLOWING a big one day selloff typically end good.

    Expect the dow to end the day up 100 points

    gl ppl

    Yea I really botched the trade by buying those calls but still here though. I'm not going ot just be a loser who leaves the forum because he blew up the account.
  2. This isnt true, a lot of times the market shows a "pause day" before resuming a trend. I've seen it more times than I can count.

    You should consider both sides of the coin. I'm not saying what you are saying doesn't have validity (because it does), but it's not an absolute truth. More like wishful thinking :)
  3. I am going to open my big mouth and offer that all my market internals indicators say it ends as a narrow range day with the close near the midpoint.
  4. Tell Natalie, Rodion says hello :)

  5. You aren't a loser because you blew up your account
    Hell I've done that, TWICE, early in my career....
    But I admitted that I didn't know anything, and the loss was very small (15K)...

    You are a loser because you don't listen and you don't learn and you don't have a CLUE what you are talking about...

    You really don't.

    And you need to find a new hobby...

    Get fucked - WERD
  6. NQ closed the RMH session 4 ticks away from the midpoint. Feel free to consult me any time.