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    Does anybody use range bars instead of normal time bars? What things should you watch for on range bar charts?
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    Not sure what you mean exactly;
    most all my candle carts, [many brands over time]
    have range [hi/lo] available on each candle :cool:
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    I'd be lost without it, but I only use it for short term direction only.

    Happy trading :)
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    Do you use systems or indicators that were initially used with time bars or do you have to look for new ideas with them?
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    I'm not sure who you're asking, but I use it for a very short term entry/exit signals, so I shift my focus to pure price action trading, aka: naked trading :D. As far as I could tell from my own experience, indicators are pretty much useless in short term trading. How short is short term really depends on the person's preference and interpretation of course.

    Good luck :)
  7. My I ask how you use them?
    Can you tell me the range of one of the Markets for tomorrow so I can see the breakouts?
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    For clarification a range chart plots a new bar when the set range has been exceeded. It does not plot a new bar every day or other set time period. Does anybody know any end of day software that plots them?
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    ...so whats the benefit?

    surely the idea of bars is to compare and see changing circumstances and conditions.

    eg if a 30min bar covers $4, and the next 30 min bar covers $6 i can see volatility is increasing.

    if each bar covers $4, but takes different lengths of time to form, i will be unaware of that time (more than likely) when looking back making my comparison.......

    i must be missing something here.....
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