Randy Johnson throws perfect game!

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    I know nobody on ET watches sports but this will fall under the historical category too for you history buffs out there. Randy Johnson thew only the 17th perfect game in MLB history tonight against the Braves at the age of 40 years old. He is also the oldest pitcher to have a perfect game.

    Now if this wasn't enough, he only went to a 3 ball count on one batter, struck out 13 and became one of only 5 pitchers to throw no hitters in both the national and American league.

    Pretty amazing!
  2. Too bad the dbacks still suck.......

    But consider Johnson's season so far, this is even more amazing...at least I think it is...... I know he was sucking during spring training and I haven't been paying all that much attention to the dbacks since. Plus I have my Cubbies ya know...;-)
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    MTC, you've been laying low for awhile. Welcome back. When are you moving to chi-town?
  4. "Pretty amazing!" ?!?

    That's got to be the greatest feat in sports this year! Think about it, one pitch a few inches up in the strike zone against the Braves and one of those steroid-laden boys is gonna nail it. Remember: the Braves are struggling but they aren't batting that bad: 256 mind you. And it was on their turf as well!

    The guy is one of the all-time greats! Okay, so he's a little scraggly looking? I'll bet a lot of top traders look pretty bad too! The point is that two of the top sports stories this year, Phil and Randy, are coming to you straight out of sunny Arizona. And they say nothin' good crawls out of the Sonoran desert...
  5. Thanks Mav..;-) Haven't been having the best of weeks....but strangely enough, you and the other ETers have served as a form of therapy. Not sure if that's good or bad, but at least right now, its good...:p

    As for Chi-town...well I was coming out there for Memorial Day, but my best friend (who I'm staying with) hasn't and won't be able to move into her new place until mid-June and seeing as how there are two of us going out there, to be quite honest with you....as much I love her, there is NO WAY that the 3 of us are going to be happy in her apt now...I mean 2 of us sharing a bed, no prob...but 3? In June? With central air that never seems to be on?! I'll wait until she has her place so the plan is at least July 4 weekend..... but I may come out mid June and stay for 3 weeks or so....perhaps check out some places for me...;-)
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    Hey, don't forget Smarty Jones going for the Triple Crown. This could be a very interesting sports year indeed.
  7. And, by the way, Randy only pulls down $16.5 million.
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    Definately check out Lakeview! It's becoming the best neighborhood in Chi-town.
  9. His fastball was clocked at 98 mph in the late innings! Who else is like this guy when he's hot?! They said Andruw Jones lost his bat trying to catch up with a fastball in the eighth.
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    Well he is bar none the most intimidating pitcher in baseball. I would not want to have that guy staring me down before he unleashes his fastball.
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