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  1. An instrument, while it can actually be too expensive to buy or too cheap to sell, it can NEVER be cheap enough to buy or expensive enough to sell.

    Yours dearly
  2. Surprise creates panic. Panic creates profts.

    It's up to you to decide whether the trend is the surprise or is it the reversal. You play surprise in a different way than the way you play the obvious.
  3. Never use trading as a way to fight your personal battles.
    Win your battles and you'll win at trading too.
  4. so If I win at a divorce, I'm going to win at my trading?

    If I beat my coke addiction, I'm going to win at my trading?

    If I maintain complete self control, I'm going to win at my trading?

    your quotes make your service look like crap , best not to speak if you know nothing about trading?
  5. little lamb, you! :)
  6. however, your lack of tolerance for the opinions of others is indicative of the way you are actually doing in life.

    with this said, i honestly wish you all the best, but i will not answer to any of your posts ever again.

    as much as my trading goes, you don't have to worry about me.
  7. The higher the probability of a trade the worse the return compared to risk. Conversely, the lower the probability of a trade the more return vs risk can be yielded.
  8. Pattern recognition is a state of mind, not a technique or method.
  9. Money Talks, Bullshit Walks (borrowed from Buzzy Schwartz)

    How right, how never-out-of-fashion!
    In the markets there will always be the guy who makes money and is afraid of people actually knowing he's got cash (coz he's really got something to lose) and then there's the other guy who doesn't have shit but wants attention as a substitute.
  10. The market offers investors two things:

    it offers time.

    if offers good quotes.

    now, if the market didn't offer investors time or it didn't offer a good quote they get frustrated and recognizing those situations will be an 'edge'.
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