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Discussion in 'Politics' started by easyrider, May 19, 2002.

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  1. We meet each day on the battlefield. You and me. I have nothing against you personally. I just want your money. Only one of us will walk away from the next transaction with a profit. The house will take its cut and one of us will be happy for a time. We assume the risk for the hedgers and the farmers so there is a need for what we do but its hard to explain to those who do not trade. The market is the world and money is God. This offends those who do not understand. Politics and religion will destroy the world. Economics is our only hope.
  2. I went for a jog and a Big Mac, followed by a most luscious of strawberry milkshakes... I am watching TV now, and sipping freshly brewed coffee... my bladder is starting to burst, I need to go for a urination... I wish I was a baby wearing a diaper, a diaper would allow me to safely piss in my pants rather than be disturbed from my TV viewing by the necessity to leave my comfy leather reclining chair...
  3. played golf today with the girlfriend and her Dad.all was well...a bit windy..but had a great time
  4. I wonder what Bud Fox thinks about you having his Wife's homepage as your signature...haha...just kidding.

    Hey Uptick, you're in Albany right? What course did you play?

    I just went shopping and got lunch. Today's menu featured Super market sushi, chunky Chips Ahoy, Frosted Flakes, and a half gallon of milk...I'm stuffed. I'm also supposed to be going thru charts right now to get ready for tomorrow, but for some reason I'm really lacking the motivation. I'm going to go play Yahoo Gin, anyone want to play?
  5. volk-
    today I played Evergreen Country Club. I usually play Capital Hills once a week(formally known as Albany Municipal).
    Hope Cali is treating you well.

  6. Hey thanks bro! Everything is good here, the weather sucks right now, but the ladies are still beautiful. I tell you what...one of my good friends works in the shop at Capital Hills. He's trying to pass his P.A.T. right now, i think he's on his 3rd try right now (hehe). Anyway, let me know when you're going and I can try to get you on. Todd.
  7. Thanks Todd. I usually play capital hills during the week..never had a problem making a tee time. The only reason we played evergreen is b/c its close to my girl's parents house. but if I ever need to make a time at the last minute or on a busy weekend I'll let you know. Thanks again. :)
  8. no I meant get you on w/out greens fees
  9. What's the POINT of this thread? So What :-/
  10. peter77


    Its hard to concentrate on anything else when there's a hockey game on, like Toronto / Carolina.
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