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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Brandonf, Jun 2, 2005.

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  2. I think this will eventually get on peoples nerves. You already have a couple of threads going for this purpose.
  3. I actually like it.. :)
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    This weekend I did an educational video on trading with gaps. It is located here: http://www.brandonfredrickson.com/gaps.html

    Today we have action in BEBE that fits very well with that I was talking about. I am watching BEBE for intraday breakout buy setups that could turn into a swingtrade. Does not mean it will happen, the stock could start to fill in its gap right now, but if it does not and if it can then follow through to the upside and breakout I will be a buyer.

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    Fear takes over and that provides us an opportunity. I am short CTXS and also I am short DD as both of them have setup. The markets are still strong overall so I am not trading these shorts with large size, but at this point I think it is worth probing the short side. I alerted DD as a short under $46.40 per share with a stop above $47.10 per share and CTXS as a short under 23.75 with a stop above $24 in the marketvu and well as TFMS and my free blog this morning.

  6. Brandon - are you a paid sponsor on ET? If so, I think Baron allows this...if not, I don't think he allows people to promote their own sites like this.

    Your answer should settle it...
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    Yes I am. You can be certain that if I was not Magna would have my posts removed. When I was not he took them down. :)

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    One of the mistakes I made early in my trading career was trying to go it alone and not having any type of plan at all. Well, I take that back..when Cheetah said buy I was a faithful buyer. I soon looked at my trading account and discovered I was bleeding pretty fast, so my new plane was when Cheetah said buy I would sell and when he said sell I would buy. If anything that caused the bleeding rate to accelerate. I finally slowed down and found people to learn from. Professionals who had been in the market and proven themselves over time. Unfortunatly there are not very many of those individuals, but when you come across one I think whatever you do with them is time and money well spent. One of the people who has been around for a long time as a trader and helping traders is Vad Graifer. I have seen him trade in real time since 1998 and he is one of the best out there. He also does something i havent seen others do, which is put up his audited track record to prove that he not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. At anyrate, before it starts to appear as though we are lovers I just wanted to mention that he has released a new scalping course on CD and it looks fantastic. Vad recorded his own trading in real time and then allows you to look over his shoulder with the course. If you are interested in learning from a seasoned and proven pro, this is a good chance by checking out his course at www.nasdaqscalper.com

  9. There you go. Anyone who does not want to read your posts should put you on ignore.

    May the force be with you (just saw Sith last night).

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    A number of people have commented to me upon the similarities between Canslim and the trading I do. It is in fact mentioned numerous times on my site, and I use almost all of IBD's products. There are some significant differances however that I would like to address.

    First I focus much more on the technicals than on the fundamentals. The first thing I always look at is technical. Only after I am satified with the chart do I move onto the fundamentals. I do this to be sure I am not buying trash. There is a lot of it on Wall Street.

    I will buy a stock that is not at a 12 month or all time high. I do believe in looking at the relative strenght of a sector and the stock itself, but many times there are great patterns that can be taken before the new high is made. This reduces risk and increases upside.

    I believe you short a bad market.

    I trade in longer term and shorter term timeframes. I believe that if everything is ++ in the market and your stock you should be in it for the long pull and try to get substantial gains, however this is not always the case in the market. There are times of greater risk and uncertainty. I have had my share of double and triple digit gains on stocks, but I am also not afraid to be flexible, holding things for only a day or two.

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